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Tom Thumb, Tom Cushman or Tom Foolery. I date women on T.V. with the help of Chuck Woolery.

Given my recent absence, today we will not engage in any bush-beating-around-ing and we will get right to business;


One might wonder what this image has today with the above sentiment, and I can only say that from my perspective, it is clear based on the woman with the ledger and the bell, that getting down to business is exactly what these ladies have in mind. At least the two closest to us and the woman behind the desk are serious about their objective. The two on the far end are too busy goofing off and will probably miss out on some very important information. It’s completely beside the point, but I also find a great deal of pleasure in the fact that this caption is a bit long, and as such takes some time to read, resulting in at least one person having to explain to a co-worker, compatriot, or companion just why exactly they are staring at a photo on their computer of a group of older ladies wearing nothing but their finest Sunday hats and various bits of pearl jewelry.


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