Oh… I was wrong again.

Wednesday’s 500th post was no great shakes now that we’ve arrived at 501;

Now we can begin the party.

Without beating around too many bushes, we’ll dive in head first with an announcement from Hodala for a bicycle styled athletic pursuit set to kick of this weekend in Seattle;

“We spent the last 6 weeks putting together a course that we believe combines more trail than any other urban ride/race in Seattle. There’s some fast swoopy stuff, some slightly more technical stuff, some hill climbs, some stair climbs, some whiskey, and as a result of that combination probably some puking. Not to get all Phil Conners on you, but the weather looks to be perfect – 50 degrees and light rain.

As with all of the Frost Club series, the race is only $5 and all proceeds benefit The Leukemia Lymphoma Society. We’ve got t-shirts as well, and we’d love it if you bought one. They still look like this;”

All of that sounds just about right, and if I rode a bicycle at all, let alone in the rain, I would like to think about thinking about taking part in their little party.

I would also like to mention that it was just a couple weeks ago while relieving myself in a men’s room at SeaTac International airport that I crossed paths with one of the Hodala crew, just haaangin’ around…

No big surprise there.

And as long as we’re on a crash course with being offensive, I will now broach a non bike related subject which I’m sure will ruffle at least a tail feather or two.

So, I have a homie named Lisa. She’s unique bird and a peach of a human being.

She’s also currently jockeying for a position as Bizarre Magazine’s ‘Ultra Vixon’, which means she’ll get picked to do a photo spread in a future issue as well as getting to travel the world distributing all kinds of ill will and wedgies;

Photo by John Dart.

The thing is that the public has to vote for her, and while I am apprehensive to ever engage in encouraging folks to cast a vote based on looks alone, and generally these sorts of competitions land somewhere well off of my radar of concern, it means a lot to her, and as such, I’d like to give a hand.

Won’t you please sign in and cast a vote for FoxyGoat?

I have mentioned elsewhere that if she wins, she’ll buy us all 40s. Or at least she’ll buy me one, and I’m happy to share.

In business related news, did you all know that I have a Black Market store? It’s true, I do. And by selling the items in the store, I can buy food, and continue to pay off my vet bill (I only owe $1,800.00 more) and so forth. Plus, I need to buy a new jewell encrusted Segway (my old one got some schmutz on it.)

Anyway, if I hadn’t brought it up before, I have things like stickers, and posters and I don’t have any frisbees, but I have shirts, socks, coffee and even these really bitchin new wool Chuey Caps;

Buy early, and buy oftenish.

Moving on, there is a fellow who goes by the name of Hurl, and he has an enterprise called Cars-r-Coffins. He also has an uncanny knack at sending tiny files and requests to post them not once, but several times in a row, all of which looked kinda like this;
“Hey, can you post this flyer?”

To which I responded, “yeah, but I probably need it bigger, cause this ones useless. Might you have one that I can read.”

“Yeah, no problem. I can do that. How’s this one look?”

And so on.

Well, as near as I can tell, it’s for an event that’s taking place soon, and riding bicycles is somehow involved.
Since my jeweler’s loop is in the shop, and my retinas are all but burned away from staring at a computer screen from within the confines of a dark room, I just have to rely on the information that’s posted on CRC about this Saturday’s Slick 50.

If you’re in them there neck of the woods, go tromp around in the mud with your skinnies. It will be funnish.

Moving on to other bikecycle related bits and pieces, I will begin with a story which I just posted on the AHTBM Facebook page this past Tuesday;

“I had a dream I was in a car with two other people and we were in a rush to get to a safe zone. I saw volcanos in the distance and had my dad on the phone. Just then, a huge geyser of earth and molten rock blew up in front of us. It was then that I realized the world was ending. The last thing I said to my dad was that I loved him and I woke up in a cold sweat. An hour later the UPS man showed up at my door with this;

Coincidence? I think not.”

I will be riding this bikecycle in the dirt and places, and after attempting to break it by doing many sweet jumps while single tracking, I will write my thoughts about it for you to see here on the interneting website.

In the world of art that doesn’t suck, my dear pal Jason Phillips from Oakland’s FTW Tattoo has just finished a piece on a fellow that left me running from the room screaming in pain and amazement.

What started as this;
turned into this;and eventually evolved into this
which has most recently concluded with this;

And would you believe that from start to finish, the piece only took fifteen minutes and the canvas didn’t even have time to finish his espresso?

Because if you do, I have some pretty sweet property in Florida I’d like to sell;

Unloading that albatross, much like coming to the end of dozens of hours under a needle, would truly give one reason to celebrate.

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6 Responses to “Oh… I was wrong again.”

  1. pedalman March 16, 2012 at 5:54 am #

    As the delivery date for my AHTBM bmx jersey approaches I’m having trepidations, not about the jersey itself but more about whether I’m worthy. The way my whiskey soaked synapses are firing these days I don’t think I’m capable of ‘ruining the race for everyone’, on the contrary its more likely to be ‘ you’re making the race for everyone’. Maybe I’ll just put it on a mannequin in the garage. Does Chloe have a sister?

  2. Dan March 16, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

    Hey Stevil, I always used to get your full bloggins post in my Rss reader, now I just the first bit. Something you can fix perhaps. Until then I’ll just have to click the link, I guess I’ll cope with this hardship.

    • Stevil March 16, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

      Technology eludes me. I’ll see what Hurl knows about it.

      • Hurl March 16, 2012 at 7:54 pm #

        Full-on Stevil’s Mom…

  3. craig March 16, 2012 at 9:30 pm #

    I’m just excited we only have 165 to go.

  4. davk March 20, 2012 at 3:28 pm #

    I couldn’t help noticing that tatooed guy ended up with a lot more pimples on his ass by the third picture… are those real pimples, or did the tatoo artist just put them on for fun?