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One for the weekend.

This is our time. We have a chance right now to make a real difference.

Prince EA, it’s with respect, and admiration I salute you.

This just in! I’m preparing to be asleep under a table.

As the Thanksgiving holiday swiftly approaches, I’ve put in for a couple days off and will return on Monday, the first of December. While counting my blessings and giving thanks, I want to mention that I am and do for the health of both family and friends. I’m thankful to be surrounded by people who inspire me to try and be a good person, and to be sympathetic and sensitive to the world around me. I’m thankful to have the use of my hands and my feet and my head and my heart. Lastly, I’m also supremely thankful for this position I’ve found myself in, and the readership and advertisers alike, without whom I’d be back to working in a bike shop, construction site, restaurant, or whatever.

I’m truely blessed, and not a day goes by that I don’t acknowledge and embrace this fact.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I remain,

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