Can you hear me now?


I apologize, alien civilization. I apologize.

Hello and good Monday to you.

Firstly, rest in peace, you beautiful creature;
First Lemmy, and now David?

How is it that Ted Nugent is still walking around?

Life just isn’t fair.

The first time I heard ‘Suffragette City’, I was standing in the kitchen of Evergreen Inn, where I was employed as a dishwasher. I was 14 or so, and naturally, everything about the job sucked balls. The song made an impression on me though, that’s for sure. Here I am over thirty years later thinking about that night, and penning a half assed tribute to the person who wrote it, which ain’t not nothin’.

Now then, and kinda along those lines- There is a feature on most folks’ heads that I’m a real big fan of and that is the ears. Sounds go in them, are processed by the brain, and sometimes, but not always will hopefully result in a pleasurable response. Often times this will occur when one listens to music. The other night a friend and I were discussing the finer points of what sounds good and why, and as young fellows we might have periodically denied ourselves certain types of music because they didn’t fit into our specific personas or whatever. However, as we matured our horizons widened and those concerns narrowed. It was an enjoyable discussion, and really the only reason this is on my mind specifically is because as I type this, I seem to have come across a random John Mayer play list.

Anyway, why any of any of this came up is because I think a lot about records. I think about the debate between digital and analog, I think about the fact that there are so few pressing plants in the world, I think about the machines that make the records, and most personally, I think about that record I recently produced;
So anyway, with all of these things on my mind, I took great interest in finding out that not only did a new pressing plant open up in Portland called Cascade Record Pressing, but now for the first time in over 30 years, brand new presses are currently being manufactured.

Not only are they being manufactured, but they’re being delivered to a facility in Detroit where they will produce records. This is great news. Like the article concludes, “there’s no shortage of people with manufacturing experience (in Detroit) that no doubt are looking for jobs, and we’re actively looking for qualified plastics professionals.

Eight presses aren’t going to solve the world’s problems but it’s putting more effort toward a solution than a problem.

Is today International Vinyl Day? Maybe it should be.

Another thing I’d like to make mention of is that the other day James Newman shot me a text and said “I’m coming over with a skateboard and BB guns.” Of course I was neck deep in hiding in my basement building tiny cars, and when the door opened my eyes burned. I’ll be damned if we didn’t sweep up the floor, move some bikes out of the way and have ourselves a pretty fun little session;
Though I can’t neglect to include this shot of Paul from a couple months ago;
I’m a big fan of all those shots.

Never before has much been done with so little.

Conversely, doing nothing (building model cars) with so much (my life force), has been coming along swimmingly, and I think I’ve just about exhausted my compulsion;
We have nearly a month left before the due date for all entrants, so if you haven’t yet made your way to the hobby store in order to pick up yours, there’s no time like the present;
The prospect has been proposed to me that we have the final judging in the Soulcraft Bicycles NAHBS booth, which would be a fine idea if I wanted to take responsibility for either assembling a display of all of the actual models, or photographs of all of the models, neither of which I do at all.

I like the idea of working less, which I why I make my living writing a bicycle douchebag (same diff) blog. So as I’ve noted previously, send me a nice high resolution photograph of the model you’ve built and I will post it up on the site along with a poll similar to the one we had when we did the Hot Dog Photoshop Contest, and then everyone can vote for their favorite, their own submission, or that of their girl/boyfriend/significant other/life partner/whatever.

I know that’s what I’m going to do.

And finally in closing, and relating to the deafening sound of the clock ticking, we have but two weeks and a day before the order window on the first of many AHTBM t-shirts of the month closes forever;
hammer shirt
Once the production of these shirts is done, they will never be made again.

Unless I forget to order one for myself, which is generally likely, but I’ve written myself a Post-It note about the matter, so I think I have it covered.

So do what you do. Order one up, wait a spell, and be the envy of all your friends.

Did you hear that? Is this thing on?

Can you hear me now?

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  1. Tone January 11, 2016 at 1:48 pm #

    Check Jett Plastic Recordings…a youngin’ in the D doing it right.
    HRTT album is sweet btw.