There’s a first time for everything.


In the nearly seven years at the helm of this website thingy, I’ve never given over control to anyone else, or allowed a person to come up with nearly the entire content of a post, but because Velo CB is who he is, (the bicycle Illuminati), and probably has dirt on me, I’ve opted to dedicate a bulk of today’s post to a collection of images and words he sent to me a few weeks ago.

As always, I hope you enjoy what you’re about to look at. If you don’t, it’s his fault.

Even though technically cross season is over, this stands as testament that cross season is never really over.

Welcome to the front door of Chip’s ‘Twelve Stations Of ‘Cross

1. He is condemned to death.

2. He shoulders his burden.

3. He falls for the first time.

4. He meets his mother.

5. Simon shoulders his burden.

6. Veronica wipes his face.

7. He falls for the second time.

8. He meets the women of Jerusalem.

9. He falls for the third time.

10. He is stripped of his garments.

11. He is nailed to the Cross.

12. He dies.

I can relate to almost all of it but Jesus’ handsomeness.

Now, though I said at the head of today’s post that Chip’s contribution was to be a bulk of today’s effort, it’s not all of today’s effort, so doing what I do will now round out the conclusion.

Folks who have paid attention have seen that besides my super bitchin Amigos inspired Voler kit;
09-02 front (1)
2016big1 (1)
I’ve also engaged in a relationship making jerseys with a company called Analog Forest;
They’ve taken the regular old stretchy jersey, and given it a slightly more derelict sibling with the new AHTBM Derby Smock;
ahtbm_trail-1 (1)
ahtbm_trail-2 (1)
Why, I even went so far as to leave my house the other day wearing that, some cut offs, and riding my fully trimmed, and fully trick Kona Hei Hei and did what I think the kids refer to as ‘sending it‘;
(This is not a photo of me ‘sending it‘, but rather a photo of my bike peacefully leaning against a tree, while the rear tire gets covered in poison oak oil.)

Let me say one thing. I don’t care for suspension bikes. I have never cared for suspension bikes. Every bike I’ve ever ridden is a gas on the descents, but a boingy, soggy pig on the climbs, and being one who rather likes the climbs, but doesn’t want them to suck any more than they have to, I’ve generally steered clear of squish bikes.

I only rode a Hei Hei for the first time six years ago, (or was it seven?) at the first Kona launch in order to give due respect to my hosts. I didn’t love it, but I also didn’t hate it, and that was a huge step for me. I’ve ridden every generation of the Hei Hei since, and this one is not only far and above their best effort with the bike to date, but it’s the best suspension bike on both climbs as well as descents that I’ve ridden ever in my dumb life, amen.

I tend not to half step large purchases, and I’m perhaps one of the very most cynical people regarding wiz-bangy technology that I know. It took me this long to trust that a bike wasn’t going to be a drag to ride, and after my first full day riding my home turf aboard it, I wasn’t let down in the least.

Whodathunk? Me on a full suspension bike, and both publicly as well as willingly declaring an absolute unabashed adoration for it.

There truly is a first time for everything.

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5 Responses to “There’s a first time for everything.”

  1. Marc May 6, 2016 at 9:09 am #

    I also have recently forsaken my hardtail for the bouncy bike. My 46 year old body is overjoyed! There are a few good choices out there that don’t suck.

  2. craig May 6, 2016 at 4:03 pm #

    My daughter celebrated unicorn appreciation day at school today. Looks like you created your own little shrine. Wool. Can you please get a wool “relationship” so I can buy some shit.

  3. hellbelly May 6, 2016 at 5:12 pm #

    First you saddle up a dual suspension. Then you run a dropper post. Now non-stretchy jerseys. The apocalypse is nigh.

    • hellbelly May 7, 2016 at 9:37 am #

      I will be totally rocking my non-stretchy ROTHNOTHAGAR jersey at some forthcoming enduro event too. So there.

  4. bee May 6, 2016 at 7:59 pm #

    full sus is kinda like that one joc in high school. You hate him a bit less than the rest, and you wouldn’t wanna be seen together, but then you get to know him better and he breaks your collarbone three times in 18 months.