The coal mine is a busy place.


Between riding my bike a bunch, and then being called both childish and then retarded by not a Trump supporter, but not not a Trump supporter on the AHTBM FB page, I’ve had a pretty full couple of days.

I apologize if today’s effort is a little thin, but the internet seems worse than usual. Then again, that’s the storm I face in the hopes of dredging up the best of the worst for your consumption, because when you have to eat a plate of shit, sometimes a little garnish makes it feel more palatable.

So let’s start things off right out of the gate with some bad news. It would seem as though Wednesday morning saw Lainie Walling- (SFFD super honch, and wife to Soulcraft Bicycles impresario) loaded up and ready to go take off for points out of town, when some lowdown, dirty scoundrel liberated her prized (and cable locked) baby off of the back of her car just after she ran inside of her house. Apparently it was a fast job, and with sharp cable cutters, so I gotta believe the perps knew what they were doing. Though I don’t often post up information regarding stolen bikes, I am for Lainie and Sean because I probably owe them more than I can repay them in this lifetime.

So if you please, keep an eye peeled for this steed emblazoned smack dab on the head tube with the serial number SC1077;
That right there is A+, number one bummer life for both Lainie, as well as whoever is eventually caught with it.

And while the topic of storms is still fresh in my mind, I suppose I should notify folks down in the south eastern part of Amerikuh that the one heading towards you currently looks to be a doozy;
Skullnado? Why, I do believe that right there is a class 666 skullicane.

Stay safe out there folks. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Speaking of bumpy rides, we’re just two weeks away from the fourth annual running of my own;
As has occurred these last three years, I have no idea where we’re going, but it will consist of mixed terrain covering either long or short distances. The one thing that I can guarentee is that there will be a lot of stops, and a fair amount of imbibing, so if you are looking for pacelines, group intervals, and general bike nerdery of your standard group ride, I might recommend you look elsewhere.

I can also guarantee (or at least guarantee to promise to hope) that we’ll once again run into Jeremy, as I did just yesterday;
Crossing paths with such majesty twice however would be akin to stumbling across Bigfoot riding a unicorn, so I can’t make any promises.

Finally, and closing out the post with a little bit more locally pertinent fodder, I will announce on behalf of the Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay, on October 15th they have a trail work day here in Oakland.

Those who might pay attention will remember this post in which I detailed a trail work day that went down late last year;
We came, saw, kicked ass, payed it forward, and in doing so, invested a bit of sweat equity in making our local trails a happier and healthier place.

Best of all, we emerged with considerably less dirt under our nails than if we worked in a coal mine.

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  1. Paul October 8, 2016 at 10:22 am #

    Not childish, child-like. Keep up the radness.