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I totally forgot about the month end cop-out.

For those who might not recall, I decided some months ago to take the last post of every month and include the pre-edited version of the feature I wrote, along with a scan of the accompanying image for the now defunct Paved Magazine. Somehow the end of January escaped me, so I’ll scramble and post it up here today instead.

As I’ve said previously, I certainly do hope you enjoy it. If not, we can meet up here again on Wednesday for the same mumbo jumbo as always.
Photo by Reuben Krabbe.

End of the month cop-out part one.

For a few weeks I’ve been mulling over various ideas of new and potentially more betterer concepts for content on the AHTBM website project blog thing, and one prospect that crossed my mind was to periodically do a feature with a stand alone post containing the articles I wrote for the now defunct PAVED Magazine. It was my first ‘regular’ writing gig, and one that I was very proud of, given the fact that I don’t hold my own intellect, or ability to do anything aside from hold grudges in very high regard.

So for the final Friday, for however many weeks there are until I run out of articles, or until the publisher hits me with a cease and desist order, I will be posting here the pre-edited features I wrote for Paved Magazine, as well as the article’s accompanying photos for the two and a half years or so that it was in existence. I hope you enjoy it. If you don’t, you always can change the channel.