“If we aren’t responsible for the energy we bring into each situation, we will never be the boss of our own lives.” -Chani Nicholas
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One for the weekend.

Everyone else has got this up, so I figured I might as well follow along behind. Truth be told, this was released when I was away, so I missed the premiere and only got around to watching it yesterday. Danny does it again.

Why, hello there Friday (Part 1)

I have returned from the great White North with tales of mild intrigue and mediocre adventure. The whisky flowed like beer, which flowed like wine, that in turn flowed like water. Fair maidens were bedded, and foes were slain. Giant birds of prey soared overhead while rivers were conquered and the stench of my laundry bag rose to the Heavens.


I’m like, a writer about stuff and stuff.

At some point in the last few years I became confused and began imagining myself as a writer. Regardless of the fact that I ham fistedly type words and string them together, I came to the conclusion after penning Wednesday’s post that I am no such thing. A person with a camera and a computer maybe, but a writer? Not by a stretch.

tortured writer

Segues, segways, and cegweiz.

Today we will have an even more rapid fire experience than we’re normally accustomed to for the simple reason that I left my Ritalin in my other pants, and some speed fell into the morning’s scone dough.


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