“Bikes are like friends. You can’t have too many nice ones.” -Blintz
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I’m a liar.

At the conclusion of Monday’s post I’d mentioned that I had incriminating photos of Ruth Buzzi. That was totally false, and I was so high on Spencer’s love that I made the part up about the monkey and the fly friendship video too. Lucky for me though, I can rely on my ever increasingly mediocre photoshop skills to at least provide a near facsimile of the former;


The day the Earth stood still.

It was as if a storm of designer clothing and extraordinarily expensive colognes blew into town on the day that I met with Spencer Canon, owner and director of the Ritte Van Vlaanderen bicycle company and race team.

Undeterred by his obvious economic status however, I introduced myself, shook his hand, opened up my note pad, scratched my lower back, licked the tip of my pencil, sat down, remembered I had my tape recorder in my pocket, stood up again, pulled it out, sat back down, put it on the table and hit record.
For the most part, the following is what transpired;

It’s as good a way to kick 2010 off as any.

Two points- Vocalist Matt Caughthran skanks, which is nearly unheard of in this day and age, so 10 points for that, and secondly, guitarist Joby Ford describes the band as ‘five guys playing as hard as they can, for as long as they can, which is about 45 minutes before our drummer throws up”, so they get 15 bonus points there.
Viva La Bronx.

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