“No nibnabs.” -Mikey

Mixing while we’re matching.

(*Please note- so as to not seem callous, I penned today’s post before the earthquake in Japan had happened. I want to extend my support and concern for my friends there. It makes all efforts not related, seem totally insignificant.* That said, I suppose we’ll get on with the show…)
Having not necessarily successfully resolved my Wednesday’s conundrum, I have yet to flee to Aruba, but rather stayed put right here in Amerikuh, where among all of our other issues, race mixing is apparently still not welcome;


STFU, cause it’s time for the SOTU.

With some frequency I take some time out of my busy day of keeping my chair from floating away to make contact with the good people in the ranks of the Maximo Supremo side bar to let them know what’s what over here in the Black Market. It’s a thing I like to call the State of The Union Undress.