“I got a rock.” -C. Brown

Good lord what have I done?

The dust hasn’t even begun to settle on what has been an unparalleled freakout with the receiving and shipping of the kits, and now I’ve gotten the opportunity to do it for just a little while longer.


Rhymes with ‘pippin’.

Sitting here before you, today finds me not only furiously addressing envelopes in preparation for the kit’s arrival (which from this point forward will be known as “Stretchypantsageddon”), but I have quarterly taxes to prepare as well, and I’ve found that hand scribbled notes to myself don’t officially count as actual receipts.
An image plucked off the internet to illustrate what I would look like if I had a tie on and two men were standing behind me, also with ties. The only exception is I look alot less enraged and alot more like I’m about to cry.