Micky is a guy I know, he cut his hair to watch it grow.

A palette of many different shades.

In defiance of my standard mode of operation of picking a random image from the internet that is in some way associated with the post title, today I’ve included a photo of a pallet I used for well over a decade. It weighs over a pound, and is now fairly useless as I constantly loose my wet paint in amongst all of that which is dried.
So there is a little slice from the old archives for you.

One for the weekend from Chris.

As per my notation on Monday, The Hairnet Ride is a go. I’m ten kinda jacked up, but I’m going because I’m a trooper who cares. Also, I think I’m packing this whole bike blog douchebag (same diff) business up, and I’m just gonna do this from here on out.

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