AHTBM 7″ adapter


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Potentially one of the most useless musical formats known to man- the venerable 7″ record is still revered by legions of die-hard vinyl dorks. Is it the cute little size? Does it harken back to a time when you could discover bands who potentially couldn’t afford to record a full length LP? Is it because they often contain tracks found nowhere else? Possibly yes to all of that. It was in acknowledgment to my own love of the format that Paul Component Engineering and I collaborated on this little number right here. A custom aluminum 7″ adapter laser etched with the AHTBM KVLT logo, designed by none other than Michael Pfaltzgraff himself. So in conclusion- Grab one now, slap a Mummies 7″ on your turntable, and do The Mashed Potato, punk.

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