AHTBM/NWVSF skateboard deck.


Out of stock

After sitting down and having a frank conversation, both the thirteen year old in me, and the forty-five year old in me finally agreed on something, and as a result, NWVSF and I joined forces and I have a load of these super badass, and supremely limited edition skateboard decks on hand. Adorned with the artwork of Bruce Gossett, and arriving to your door with a selection of stickers as well as the brand newest AHTBM fanzine, you’ll be torn whether to hang it on your wall, or build it up and go out to give a curb what for. Best get two just to be safe. 9″x33″ 15″ wheelbase, 7″ nose, and 6″ tail. Top stains vary in color. International shipping will also vary, and we’ll have to deal with that on a case by case basis.

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