Chuey Brand Heckle hat.

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Why do I call it the Heckle Hat, you probably didn’t just ask? When you’re standing on the side of the race course reducing your friends, and enemies, and frienemies to tears with your crafty and creative taunts, it’s best to keep the sun from beating down on your neck, ears, and assuming you have one, your bald spot. I also call it that because I don’t look as good in them as Chuey does, and my wife made fun of me when she saw me wearing it, but I’m of the ‘function sometimes trumps fashion’ school of thought. She actually looks really good in them too. I’m tired of looking dumb in stuff. Whatever. I have a few in stock and if you’d like one, get one. If you wouldn’t, don’t, but don’t come crying to me when you get a terrible sunburn on your parts.