Live each day. (Order complete, item discontinued.)



The old adage goes, ‘live each day like there’s no tomorrow’, but really- how realistic is that? If we did that, there’s a good chance we’d wind up going to jail for indecent exposure, and then tomorrow would come and we would have to face the fallout. I don’t even want to think about the adverse effect it might have on our aspiring political careers. Every month until I run out of ideas, I will have a new black Alstyle 5301 shirt with sage bits of wisdom printed upon it available for pre-order. I’ll send the completed order to the printer on the 25th of each month, production will take about a week, and then I’ll get all orders filled shortly there after. It’s like wearing both a high five and a middle finger on your chest at the same time. *Please note regarding sizes* Men’s XXL and women’s sizes are available. Just please make a note in the order, and I will do the rest.