WSATU shirt. (smalls only)


Do you like tape? Do you like beer? Sweet. Look, I never claimed to have invented this sport- I just invented a holiday with which to celebrate it.

On the third Saturday of every June, our ilk sets down their crossbows, and clown shoes, and comes together over a love of canned beer, duct tape, and acting like good hearted derelicts.

In celebration, I’m making this beaut of a shirt designed by the wildly talented BradO. They might be done in time for 2019, but you’d probably get drunk and lose it in a poker game, or a camp fire anyway, so if they end up late, it’s probably for the best. At least it’s not like I ruined Christas again. Oh, and just to be clear, they’re not black. They’re the other black, which is also known as dark blue. Lastly, that was a sweet Photoshop job I did, right? His mouth is actually that pouty though. God did that.

All S-XL heavyweight Alstyle Ts are unisex. If you are super big or super tiny, I still adore you. I just don’t have any shirts that size.