Hello, and good day.

Your Captain reporting for duty.

Jumping off at the start, who’s been keeping up to speed on this year’s Swamp Fest?

There will assuredly be a fully edited breakdown of the entire shitshow released eventually, but for now we just have to get these little snippets of the chaos.

Oh my god, how I would love to be in attendance at this, but I absolutely guarantee that the first person to either A) get paralyzed or B) die would almost certainly be me.

I’ve been watching this event grow momentum over the last few years, and as I’ve noted previously, the Swamp Fest chaos comes at the heels of Skatopia mellowing some in it’s old age, but at its Zenith, nothing came close;

But I feel as though what the fellow says at a minute and seventeen seconds continues to be applicable as the latter passes the torch to the former;

This ain’t no MTV shit. This is the shit that’s happening when it’s happening. It’s real for real. There ain’t no knee pads or fucking helmets. It’s fucking balls to the wall fucking all style here.

Maybe one day I’ll get to experience it in real life, but in order to do so, I’d have to go to Florida, and you what Speedo says about Florida.

In other news- it has perhaps been apparent that my attention has been split the last few months, and I’m not putting my all into the weekly posts here on the AHTBM web project.

This is absolutely the case, as I’ve been assembling a new body of work for a show in Portland, Oregon in June. From the time I got the green light in October, I got cracking and have been banging out consistent 10, 12, and 14 hour days since. This is my first solo show since 2014, and I’m desperate to make it as successful as I can. Upon further reflection, it just occurred to me that it was around that time when I first began to conceive of the project I’m doing right now, which is in a lot of ways somewhat poetic.

The following piece is the latest one which took a solid two weeks, start to finish and I’ve got the lumber lung to prove it;

The one I’m finishing today has taken three months, and in the time it’s taken me to finally finish it, I’ve finished three other dioramas. I’ve never spent so many hundreds of hours working on anything.

Once the show is installed, it might make sense.

So please forgive me while I get through the next few months of work. I’ll remain consistent here, but have definitely been burning the proverbial candle elsewhere.

Before we take the final step off into the deep end of real life, I offer you the 115th episode of Revolting;

Doofy is as Doofy does.

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  1. Phill February 22, 2024 at 2:52 pm #

    break a leg with the studio work- with this long a heads up the whole swamp fest crew should be able to terrorize their way across the continent in time for the opening! we should all be so lucky…