From our ears to yours.

Some time ago, folks started asking if there was any complete collection of the weekly music picks from the Revolting podcast. We made threats, and promises, but never really got around to it. Then, one day while mucking about in the back end of the site I (Stevil) saw that Robot had begun to do that very thing, which then motivated me (Stevil) to grab his bottled lightening, and stumble drunkenly across the finish line. Going forward, we will continue to add to this list, and everyone will be happy, and the world as well as its inhabitants will begin to heal.

So here you go- A mostly complete collection of nearly every music pick we’ve had thus far.

With our blessing, go forth and enjoy it… Or don’t. It won’t matter either way.

I guess we started doing these consistently at episode 26? I don’t remember. If anyone has opposing intel, feel free to let us know.

Revolting 1
Stevil – Pure Hell

Revolting 2
Robot – O ZORN!

Revolting 5
Robot – Bob Mould

Revolting 6 was all just about music.

Revolting 13
Who Rides The Tiger

Revolting 26
Robot – Bitter Branches
Stevil – Black Pistol Fire

Revolting 27
Robot – John Times Two
Stevil – Mother Iron Horse

Revolting 28
Robot – Torch ‘Admission
Stevil – Mondo Generator

Revolting 29
Stevil – The Vicious
Robot – NoMeansNo

Revolting 30
Robot – Idles
Stevil – Swami John Reis

Revolting 31
Robot – Slift
Stevil – The Afghan Whigs ‘How Do You Burn’

Revolting 32
Robot – Tyler Childers
Stevil – Milky Chance Sad Necessary

Revolting 33
Stevil – Hong Kong Fuckyou
Robot – Meat Wave

Revolting 34
Robot – Young Widows
Stevil – Urge Overkill ‘Oui’

Revolting 35
Robot – Fight Amp
Stevil – Baptists

Revolting 36
Robot – Death Killer
Stevil – Fake Names

Revolting 37
Robot – Beach Rats, and Career Suicide
Stevil – Fake Names (again)

Revolting 38
Robot – American Sharks
Stevil – Neurosis

Revolting 39
Robot – Wrong
Stevil – Wake Up You!– The Rise and Fall of Nigerian Rock

Revolting 40
Robot –Multicult
Stevil – Chevelle

Revolting 41
Robot – High Vis
Stevil – The Disciplines

Revolting 42
Robot – Off!
Stevil – Engine 88

Revolting 43
Robot – The Nils
Stevil – The Cancer Bats

Revolting 44
Robot – The Sword

Stevil – Iron Maiden

Revolting 45
Robot – The Cloud Nothings
Stevil – The Fluid

Revolting 46
Robot – Russian Circles
Stevil – Sonny Vincent and Rocket from the Crypt

Revolting 47
Robot – Unwound
Stevil – The Morlocks

Revolting 48
Robot – Husker Du
Stevil – Deftones

Revolting 49
Robot – Hank Wood and the Hammerheads
Stevil – Meat Wave

Revolting 50
Robot – Stiff Richards
Stevil – Bothers

Revolting 51
Robot – CIVIC
Stevil – Girls Against Boys – Tropic of Scorpio

Revolting 52
Robot – AC Newman – The Slow Wonder
Stevil – The Descendents – 9th and Walnut

Revolting 53
Robot – Gnod – Hexen Valley
Stevil – Nirvana – B-Sides/QotSA

Revolting 54
Robot – Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs. Pigs
Stevil –  Big Ups – Before a Million Universes

Revolting 55
Robot – Western Addiction – Cognicide
Stevil – RPG – The High Loathsome

Revolting 56
Robot – Black Tusk – Tend No Wounds
Stevil – The Hellacopters – Eyes of Oblivion

Revolting 57
Robot –  Thelonius Monk – Monk (1965)
Stevil – Acid Bath – When the Kite String Pops

Revolting 58
Robot – Nova Mob – The Last Days of Pompeii (1991)
Stevil – Archer’s of Loaf – Reason in Decline

Revolting 59
Robot – Uncle Tupelo – Still Feel Gone
Stevil – Monster Magnet – Test Patterns, Volume I

Revolting 60
Robot – Yard Act – The Overload
Stevil – Chat PileGod’s Country

Revolting 61
Robot – Workin’ Man Noise Unit – Play Loud
Stevil – Big Ups – Two Parts Together

Revolting 62
Robot – Dinosaur Jr. – You’re Living All Over Me
Stevil – Rocket from the Crypt – Live from Camp X-Ray

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5 Responses to “From our ears to yours.”

  1. BrettOK January 5, 2023 at 12:05 pm #

    I was listening to 27 and 28 the other day and those had picks… think one was a band with the guy from Foot or something… one word name…

    • Robot January 5, 2023 at 1:03 pm #

      We definitely did more of them, but I didn’t start writing them down right away cause I’m not some kind of tech visionary. Also, I’m pretty lazy, so I only posted the ones that were already written down. Stevil is now gonna make us both do the work to make the list complete, because he’s a try-hard, but don’t tell him I said that.