All Hail Stunt Association Jacket.



As a young fella, every Wednesday night I was mesmerized by the exploits of Colt, Howie, and Jody on the television show ‘The Fall Guy’. Slowly fast forward to today, now I’m an old young fella, and my attraction hasn’t wavered in the least. It was this show and the characters in it that prompted (dare I say inspired?) me to conspire with the design genius that is Snakehawk, and launch this new addition to the line of All Hail The Black Market merch. Lined for warmth, though it’s not guaranteed to offer full protection if you throw yourself off of a building, I can at least promise that it will help you look amazing until you hit the ground. *Note, that for sizes larger than XL, the price will increase slightly, and is noted per size.

Going forward, I’ll submit orders as soon as they arrive, and we should see about a four to six week turn around. *International shipping rates and fees will apply.*

All details for the jacket itself can be found here.