Thrøw Rägh.


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For as many years as I can recall, I’ve carried a black bandana in my back left pocket. At some point I found a guide card letting me know what this meant in the gay community, which was an education all unto itself. As far as that was concerned, I don’t carry one because I happen to be a power top. Beyond that, the neutral color meant I wasn’t representing either the Bloods, nor the Crips. The reality of it was I had a bandana easily accessible in the event I either (A) sweat profusely, or (B) bled spontaneously, both of which I do on the regular, and neither of which you can see on black fabric. With this in mind, I reached out to Snakehawk and he designed me up a rag with details very specific to my imprint, as well as important components of my reality that I only share with a few.

21″x21″, Made in the USA.