Do No Harm, Take no shit.


Over the last few months, between managing paralyzing empathy, abject horror at how people treat each other, just what it all means, and how I fit into the equation, I’ve done a lot of soul searching.

I’m no closer to answers than I was before (beyond the conclusion that a lot more people could have used a steady duet of punk rock and skateboarding during their formative years), but I did conclude that I can use this platform for a little bit of good.

As I have with various art auctions, as well as donations made to various non profits over the years, I decided to lean on Snakehawk to bang out this here shirt design, 100% of the profits from which I’ll donate to Oakland’s National Coalition Of 100 Black Women, who (as they so eloquently put it), is an organization that’s committed to providing programs that increase the participation of African American women in economic, civic, entrepreneurial, and human service arenas of their respective communities through education, scholarship, and collaboration.

Details which you might or might not care about are that the shirts are printed in San Francisco, California by real, live human beings on Bella + Canvas 3200 goods.

Anyway, it’s a small gesture, but hopefully one that makes a big impact.

Go forward dear friends, with your heart on your sleeve, and fist on your chest.