WSRW patch.


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This 4 (inch) by 4 (inch) high quality woven patch is good for doctor’s scrubs, or dress suits, or choir robes, to be used as a drink coaster on your Gramgram’s coffee table, or shop aprons, or prom dresses, or lab coats, or clown suits, but not fedoras, because unless you’re Indiana Jones, Steve Olson, or David Hackett, fedoras are dumb, or ugly sweaters, or orange jumpsuits, or baby clothes, or vintage tuxedo shirts, or Bavarian Lederhosen, or bathrobes, or Santa hats, or battle vests, or whatever the hell you want to sew them onto. Luckily, for those of you who didn’t steal the complementary sew kit out of every hotel you’ve ever stayed in, they also happen to feature an iron-onable backing, which is cool unless you forgot to steal the iron as well.

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