A disjointed configuration of flotsamesqe stimuli.

The mail bag overfloweth with hints and tips and facts and threats. It’s a puzzle to be assembled with no edge pieces to start with, so prepare for the regurgitation. Let’s start off with the shiny side up;

In other news of bicycle related highjinxery, Sov from Surly has his dirty fingers in all kinds of upcoming pies. The first being in the center of the Texas cultural universe, otherwise known as Austin;
and his second annual offering in Decorah, Iowa. Wherever the hell that is;
For any information on either of these evens, email sov@surlybikes.com. Hell, for that matter, if you have surplus smut, email subscriptions to diet pill manufacturers, or just good old home grown harassment, send that on as well.
Of course I can’t neglect to mention this year’s upcoming Bicycle Film Festival series, the first of which kicks off in New York City;
With submissions from some of the best and brightest, this year is going to feature some good stuff. Not the least of which is ‘Birth of Big Air’;

I can almost taste the popcorn.
From Andy I got this expansive slice of crap with the accompanying email;
“No doubt Stalin is attempting to reach out from the grave to strangle the life from these euro trash electro dance metal yobs.
Its official. I’ve reached the age at which the music of the youth no longer makes sense to me.”

If you would prefer to skip the video, I might advise you to simultaneously put on your favorite trance CD, step on your cat’s tail and then throw some garbage cans down the stairs. It pretty much has the same effect.
Back around May 27th or so, I got an email from Tim which at this point is only marginally irrelevant;
So here’s Allen Iverson fleeing from a truly bizarre bike setup.
As I would too, oh yes, as I would too.
In other news, here in Philly (or at least in my mind’s Philly) we’re arming ourselves for a Sharks vs. Jets style throw down over laps at FDR park tonight. We went last week and were greeted with a lesson in drafting from none other than Philly Joe (name changed to protect the Italian Male). “Joe” is someone who definitely owns a crotch rocket to match his mutant tri bike. As our group of 4 hooked up with the group that was riding, the dialog went something like this : “You’re fucking it up, you gadda tuck inta it dood, you gadda keep it tight” From his mouth to Allen Iverson’s peeling, fleeing visage.
Looking forward to tonight’s ‘lesson’. Ima keep it tight.
Ciao kung pow,
P.S. Bumped into someone riding the Ritte Mosberg at the drives ride this week. F-ing sweet.”

If I could only keep tight on my correspondences, we wouldn’t be in this mess.
I do love me some Allen Iverson though.
As you might have seen elsewhere on the interwebs, Andy from Fyxomatosis has just let the dust finally settle on him after his gigantor Melburn-Roobaix event, and though you could plenty of actual information about the melee elsewhere, you can only get these ruminations right here;
“Hey Stevil
I havent done anything consistently for 5 years other than courieringering and to mark the occasion I go these uber jackets made – and caps.
You can get the caps from Hale. My half sold at the event.
story coming real soon. every cunt and their brother has taken more photos of me and uploaded to their various image hosting sites so i feel that i can put the camera down at least for a day. in fact, every cunt and their brother also has a blog these days. i really dont know why I bother…..
I did take this pic of Dan.

Andy is the hardest working man in no business, and if there is anything I can say about Dan? He’s always good for a hand on the ass.
Let’s see… What else do we have? Ahh, yes. Today marks the day that I finally pay off Voler for the kits. I won’t get into dollars or cents here, but I have just paid six times more than I paid for my truck, which to this point was more than I’ve ever paid for anything in my life. I am waiting on needles and pens for their arrival, and though it will be an exhaustive effort, I plan to put on every pair of bibs before I send them out.
The women’s bibs I’ll wear twice.
I will put the ‘mark’ in ‘mark my words’.
Another bit of pretty cool news that came down the pipe on Friday was that my old pal Glenn who is currently employed as team Radio Shack’s wrench monkey will be departing on Tuesday for the Tour of Switzerland, and following that up with the Tour day France;
Glenn and Levi pictured here telling secrets and admiring Levi’s sandals.
Though the team has outfitted my man fairly adequately, he was wondering if he might be able to procure some stickers with which to plaster across the team trucks/Levi’s face and/or any unsuspecting European children. I did him one better and sent him a cycling cap, a mhesh back cap, a Downzig shirt, and some mismatched socks. Keep your eyes peeled on the pits this year.
AHTBM’s 15 seconds of fame is surely to be forthcoming.
Sadly the weekend is behind us, but with its passing, I hope you all are rested and happy. For my part, I can only illustrate its existence with a collection of photos;
The awesomeness of the weekend is only matched by that of my chest hair.
With that, all that’s left to say is that it’s Monday.
Get to work.

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5 Responses to “A disjointed configuration of flotsamesqe stimuli.”

  1. Timmy Plowed June 7, 2010 at 8:48 am #

    Dude, take off your sweater before you swim.

  2. Duncan June 7, 2010 at 11:23 am #

    Has no one noticed that Allen Iverson is fleeing on rollerblades?

  3. N@ June 7, 2010 at 2:50 pm #

    Is she actually singing” Angels of silence bring us some peace?” I’m sure, that’s that one dude from NKOTB.

  4. BiggerMig June 7, 2010 at 10:01 pm #

    Euro-fuck sucks.

  5. BL June 8, 2010 at 3:01 pm #

    And Iverson’s shirt says “sixers 3” The mark of the beast.