A pinch of pictures, and a smattering of words.

As the house lights go down and the holiday weekend’s performance draws to a close, I bid it a fond farewell.

As we dive head long (no pun relating to the previous video intended) into today’s fodder, I’ll start off by recognizing that it has been a little while since we’ve featured some art that doesn’t suck..
I mean maybe not…
I think it’s been a while… I actually can’t remember.
Anyway, there is a woman named Ashley who turned me onto another woman named Jessica Harrison, and she is, as the kids say, the business;
As you may have noticed in just about every example of A.T.D.S that I’ve provided these last many years, the one common thread is the juxtaposition between sweet and sinister. My long time inspiration, Al Columbia has that quality on lock, and it would appear as though in the realm of three dimensions, Jessica Harrison does as well.
Now then- from the dark recesses of the mail bag comes a note from Peter, that as it turns out took him far longer to send than it did for me to post;
“So I’ve been off the two wheeled pipe for a grip now. 2 ride is 6 months, the only saving graces coming from our TNR salvations. In my attempts to fire the soul back up, I went a searching on the internets for some gospel. I found this one from the GAS finale that was most interesting, from that fact that you realize that for the first 1:30 minutes or so they are pacing uphill, and 2 whence they let gravity take over, they mach in the downward direction in the way that only “American Flyer” montages can look ridiculous;

In the meantime some of the other things keeping me sane was a few sessions I had with the brothers WTB and Mike’s…some were more for my own entertainment than for print.”

Firstly, I want to thank Peter for sending a few fruits of his eye for us to gaze upon. Secondly, I would like to note that the speeds achieved in that video serve as a glaring reminder that when engaging in that sort of activity, the buffer between skin and stretchy pants is very little.
Even if one doesn’t crash due to rider error, occasionally fate sees fit to bring us down regardless, as proven by this extraordinarily timely shot captured by Marcus;
“Everyone loves a little cyclocross carnage in the snow. I caught this pic last weekend;
Keep up the great posts, and Enjoy the California weather, Sweden ain’t so bike friendly right now.

Sometimes carbon make face go sad.
One thing that can make the sad face go the other way around is this photo shot by Mack Adocious;
 Dave Knauff turkey.jpg
Now upon first glance, this photo has some obvious humor to it. I mean, who doesn’t love a turkey costume?
But all one needs to do to find the real comedy in this image is to simply stare at it for a while and let the subtleties rise to the top. For your edification, I compiled a list of all of my favorite aspects contained therein; (For those who care, click for a bigger version.)
1. Grandpa’s sweater.
2. Sister’s pants.
3 Grandma’s shoes.
4. Low tire pressure? No tire pressure.
5. That’s what the face does when a pinch flat occurs.
6. Hecklers. (Individual on left is enjoying schadenfreude. Individual on right, see # 5.)
8. A bunnyhop is a wasted opportunity to destroy a wheel set. See # 4.
9. Why bunnyhop when you can boost three times higher than the menacing 6×6 beam? Who says turkeys can’t soar?
10. If you keep making that face, it will stay that way.

Mack’s image is a veritable treasure trove of wonder, and I have to thank him for the as of yet authorized use of it.
I suggest that he sue me, but you know what they say about getting blood from a stone.
Now as you all are aware, things jump around here pretty quickly. One topic tends to lead into the next without so much as a well thought out segue. That being said, Jim from Vecchio’s Cyclery has been thoughtfully keeping me posted on the developments in the Colorado hit and run case, the most recent of which go a little something like this;
“Sir Stevil,
The court date has been set in the Eagle County hit and run case. Thursday, December 16th at 2pm at the Eagle County, CO Courthouse. Let your flock know, and hopefully those within a few hours drive will show up at let Judge Gannett see how many disapprove of the plea deal.

Unfortunately I won’t be in the Colorado for this event, but you can bet if I was, I might be wearing something festive;
Now I’m no lawyer, but I understand the plea bargain from a felony to two misdemeanors is still supposed to carry some weight, but the meat of the matter is that D.A. Hurlbert seems to be overlooking the fact that this was a HIT AND RUN, and a blatant example of classicism, plain and simple. Should this case set some sort of president, you and me and anyone who uses road ways in any fashion other than driving upon, is further in danger of slipping though the cracks should a similar fate befall us.
Please, if you are nearby, make a stand and help vocalize that as cyclists, and/or pedestrians, we deserve an equal voice, no matter how wealthy the offender is.
It is with that bit of news that I will now fall off my own proverbial stage, and as I drop into the abyss, I’ll wish you happy Mondays.

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6 Responses to “A pinch of pictures, and a smattering of words.”

  1. Brent November 29, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

    Downhill road bike videos….. I’m speechless.

  2. Snake Hawk November 29, 2010 at 7:38 pm #

    funky chicken, you just made my face make the opposite of the face that is made whilst pinching the flat. observational wizardry.

  3. UncleMuscles November 29, 2010 at 7:39 pm #

    Downhill road biking: Almost as rad as uphill mountain biking.

  4. gnome November 29, 2010 at 9:02 pm #

    Speechless as in that was bitchen.

  5. Crank November 30, 2010 at 3:40 pm #

    Look at the face of the truck driver at 4:03! It’s hilarious!

  6. mark (not a millionaire) December 1, 2010 at 2:38 pm #

    Hitting pedestrians is also a good way to get away with murder.
    Not to imply that the Colorado hit-and-run is in any way similar to the below death, but the driver is a rich white woman and the now dead man “homeless.” Who gets tested for alcohol and/or drugs? You guessed it, not the driver.