Very exciting things for very exciting people.

*Stoked face.

It was just last week that I was notified via the Twitter that Shimano has fallen down the rabbit hole with the launch of a whole bunch of stuff that will surely tighten the pants of cyclocross athletic pursuitists everywhere;
Photo sort of courtesy of CX Magazine.

Here, handsome AK explains the finer points of their offerings while looking dashing as always;

I was engaged lock and step with the inquiries until it was asked whether or not Shimano sponsored pros would be using this group though the upcoming season. I think, to no one in particular I said this.

I would assume that when launching a new line of componentry, said manufacturer would initially, and immediately have their sponsored riders on it, not only for real world research and development but for promotional purposes as well.

Then again, I confuse easily.

Anyway, the nuts and bolts of the group (so to speak) are offered up in an easily digestible form over here on CX Magazine(dot)com.

Beyond AK’s general handsomeness, as well as being an astonishigly fashionable individual, he also takes the time to send me snippets like this;
“Makes me laugh.”;
Ahh.. The old ‘pull your pants down during a mediocre time trialer’s time trial trick.” One of the oldest in the book.

In news not nearly as exciting as Shimano’s launching of a new thing no one can live without, AK’s supreme moustache, or random ass, Brent (along with at least a half dozen others who care) sent along the notification that Rock Racing is here to stay… Again. At least until the next time they go away;
Today is going to be better than Christmas for you after you read this morsel of good news that I know you have been waiting for.
These guys will be king in your book, for not only ruining racing for Europeans, they also are going to be smack dab in the middle of where fashion was created ruining fashion for everyone at the same time. Man, how often do you get a double whammy like this?”

They should change their slogan to “HERE FOR A WHILE.”

At any rate, at least for now the world will be safe for douchebags again;
According to the article, they will have a presence at this year’s Interbike trade show. This means I will get the opportunity to personally thank them for their hand in not allowing my collection of bedazzled Ed Hardy shirts, and array of Axe colognes to become obsolete.

In regard to the nightmarish horrors that took place in Norway last weekend, I’ve kept quiet on the matter simply because it’s too big for me to wrap my mind round. I can say that the people of Oslo have shown the world a strength of character and a level of grace that certainly the rest of us could only hope to strive for.

However I have maintained a perspective on the media’s angle concerning the matter, which I have only discussed briefly with Captain Dave. Over the weekend I came across a recent Daily Show clip which hit the nail on the head brilliantly;

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Stewart obviously singles out Fox, but I’ve seen this angle downplayed in several media channels. I felt disheartened when I began seeing the separation of the attacker’s belief in Christianity and his resulting acts of terrorism, in comparison to when anyone of the Muslim faith so much as sneezes. Jon Stewart’s monolog has given me hope that at least on a channel which portrays foul mouthed children hailing from my hometown with as much regularity as it engages in political discussion, the reality of the situation hasn’t been entirely overlooked.

Being that today is Monday, which means tomorrow is Tuesday, and depending on who you believe, will see the world’s economy on a high speed and inevitable collision course with disaster. This mean’s one of two things;

One) Our economic screwdness will result in this being the last post ever, as I will have to burn my computer to stay warm and to cook my boot.

or B) Our economic screwdness will result in this being the first of many more posts until I have to get a job in a fast food restaurant cleaning out the grease trap with my mouth.

Either way, the situation’s looking grim and the only thing what can save us now is A.K.’s moustache.
Clearly selling Shimano’s bits was just a warm up.

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6 Responses to “Very exciting things for very exciting people.”

  1. TB August 1, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

    Ok, for the few(?) readers of your blog that are unfamiliar with the specifics of cyclocross gear, could you explain what makes Shimano’s offering special? Not asking you to defend them, but I’m not sure I understand why they think, for example, that these ‘cross-specific’ cantilever brakes are radder than ‘regular’ cantilever brakes. Same goes for the cranks and the front derailleur.

  2. cary August 1, 2011 at 2:04 pm #

    you know I read every post. been following you like a stalker follows a 15 year old Catholic school girl since htatbl and used to comment all the damn time until the wind got knocked out of me. you know the shitstorm that i’m going through because of a nut with a gun. but what you might not know is that Stewart (and i love the guy) made a comment after the AZ shooting that “it happens less than we think.” i’m calling bullshit on that. he never heard about my family or the many many numbers of families who’s path was crossed by a nut with a gun.
    this comment sucks, i know, and so does the access to military weapons. want to delete this but fuck! what else can I do. fuck a bunch of 2nd amendment.

  3. Stevil August 1, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

    TB, what makes Shimano’s group different is that it’s made by Shimano, which means it will all be compatible, and awesome, and tough as nails, or it will all be great with the exception of a small aspect of it will which will be fixed by next year. Oh, and every component is brushed off by AK’s moustache.
    Cary, I don’t now what to say. Though I cast out a wide net here, and attempt to conclude thoughts within a couple of relatively humorous sentences, your family’s situation is well beyond my scope and I’m not ashamed to say that I find myself completely ill equipped to address it personally, let alone publicly. Know that you and yours have consistently been in the thoughts which I keep to myself.

  4. Bobbi Sandwich August 1, 2011 at 8:39 pm #

    Maybe I’ve been on summer vacation for too long and am longing for some spelling tests to grade, but I’d like to take my red pen to Rock Racing’s tag line. The words “a” and “lot” are just that…two (2) words. Not one, but two. Just as balls are often thought of as one unit, they are actually two separate entities united by a sack.
    And what’s up with Freddy Rodriguez’s fingers? Do they smell like Janet Reno?

  5. Stevil August 1, 2011 at 8:47 pm #

    Oh, that was me and my awkward photoshopping. Sometimes I get excited, neglect to spell check, hit save, and my mistake is forever cataloged in foreverness. Case in point; Apparently ‘overused’ and ‘oversued’ are the same thing.