Today’s gonna be both short and sweet.


It was just this past weekend that the dirt behind Velo Shitstorm re-reminded me of the Cincinnati (now) sextet known as Foxy Shazam and their new single ‘I Like It’. (Not safe for work if you work somewhere that doesn’t like things that are awesome. If that’s the case, just play the video and open this, or if you wish, this.)
These guys had inexplicably dropped off of my radar in the past year, and for that I have no reasonable explanation as their smashingly smashing hit ‘Dangerous Man’ was my own personal soundtrack in darker days;

One part The Blood Brothers, one part Jon Spencer and his Blues Explosion, with a healthy portion of Dennis Lyxzén thrown in on vocalist Eric Sean Nally’s antics, somewhere, Freddy Mercury is looking down from the Heavens and smiling a big crooked and toothy grin.
freddie mercury_LiveAid02.jpg
So why is today’s post going to be both short and sweet you ask? Why, it’s because I would like to pay full attention to the fact that tonight at midnight, not yesterday and not tomorrow, is the final deadline for all kit orders.
Remember, I have all manner of non-fire retardant stretchy clothing available;
$70.00 for a short sleeved jersey (club and race raglan)
$65.00 for a vest
$107.00 for a short sleeved skinsuit
$78.00 for a men’s or women’s short
$88.00 for a men’s or women’s bib
$90.00 for a long sleeved jersey (club and race raglan)
$90.00 for a jacket
$127.00 for a long sleeved skinsuit
$35.00 for arm warmers (one red, one grey)
So again, as I said one month ago when I initially dropped this information, “you wanna know how you get these? Go here, log in, place the order, pour yourself a glass of juice, cheers your dog’s or cat’s collar, and step on safe with the knowledge that you are soon gonna be way more good looking.
It’s like that.

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  1. pablo picnostral October 31, 2011 at 10:48 am #

    As a huge fan of Glam Rock – the Sweet, Bowie, T-Rex, Alice Cooper and yeah, Queen, I approve.