Yet again, the sack’s stuffed to the brim.


I’ve said a couple of times recently that we had an abundance of mailings to post up, and as soon as I began doing the thing that I said I was gonna do, my short attention span would come drunkenly walking through the door and begin telling meanderingly long winded stories about its door knob collection and whatnot.
Well today I have settled in with a delicious cup of decaf coffee and a freshly baked Ritalin scone and I’m going to clear out my in box if it kills you.
Back around the end of October, an individual named Jamie got in touch with news of the conclusion of an epic journey which we can all take a part in now;
“Hi Stevil,
My name is Jamie and I just did and epic 8-year, 80-country cycling expedition around the world on a tandem bike. I’ve got some stories and especially images I’m confident your readers will appreciate.
I rode the front seat of my tandem and shared the back seat with strangers who became friends and joined the journey. I called my project Peace Pedalers and the mission was to use the bike as a vehicle of connection through all language, cultural and religious barriers. As a fellow cyclist you know the power a bicycle has to do so much. I captured over 1,000 hours of HD video of magical moments on two wheels around the world. I am self-producing my first documentary series about my 2-year, 22-country expedition of Africa and need to get the word out.
I’d like to chat with you about doing a story for your readers to enjoy. I have a short press release I have here. There’s links there to video, photo and other cool stories. Hope you’ll consider helping get the good word out!
Thanks much!

The thought of spending an entire day on a bike is too much for me to wrap my mind around. I don’t even know what to do with this.
Then, a day later, or possibly two days before, Jenny got in touch with the announcement for this year’s Supermarket Sweep Alleycat Extravaganza, of which All Hail The Black Market is a proud sponsor;
To date, in the previous years this event has taken place, they have collected over 22,000 pounds of food, and have established themselves as one of the country’s premiere events. It’s still a piece off, but certainly one that you’ll want to mark your calendars for.
Relating to that not in the least, CFO made contact to let me know that some sad things are afoot on Colorado’s Front Range.
The parent company of everyone’s favorite horrible mexican food restaurant, Casa Bonita has has filed for bankruptcy.
If this means the clock is ticking for any of us to go there, and take the opportunity to jump into the lagoon, I highly encourage it, and all I ask is that it is documented, and said documentation is immediately forwarded to me.
Next up, Mary-Anne has been thankfully scouring the internet for news of the whirld and twice in as many days sent me items for our consideration;
Bay Area man gets stuck in baby swing at park for nine hours.
Man who climbed into hollow tree trunk gets stuck, then rescued.
It would seem as though we’ve got big doings going on in the Golden State these days.
A few days before this year’s Jesusween I had expressed via the Twitter a bit of confusion as to just what I should dress up as;
Fortunately Yuri came through with one option I had neglected to remember;
“You forgot sexy Indian princess.”
And so I did.
As it turned out, the sheer number of sexy costume options became so overwhelming, I ended up just drawing the shades, turning the lights out and being a sexy recluse.
In news of making the swappage, down in the Southland, Golden Saddle Cyclery is teaming up with Velo Cult to bring you a swap that will assuredly be chock full of some damn fine goodies;
If anyone comes across a pair of XT thumb shifters, I promise to provide them with a loving home.
Up in the Northland we have our own fair share of swappings going on with the fourth annual SF Bike Expo;
Sadly the Bike Monkey Cross Palace race isn’t occurring this year, but that will just give you more time to sit on your ass and watch the world go by.
Which is what I plan to do.
Back to business, Michael sent on a single image with the short and sweet message in the subject line;
“Made me think of you…”
At the time of receiving this transmission, I began to smile. Working with the internet as a medium, I always find it interesting what folks think to send in, as I feel that it is a direct reflection of just how this site is presented. Whether it’s political views, personal artistic or musical slant, or my preference of bicycles and the athletic pursuiting I happen to do on them. We tend to be of a common aesthetic here, and I am always touched when someone out there somewhere (for example) sees a sign that someone made and wound up on ESPN that also says’ penis’.
On the outside, I am a 41 year old person, but on the inside I tend to be someone considerably younger.
However, every now and again I get something sent to me that is puzzling. If it’s sent to me more than once, I realize I must project a very specific perspective that people respond to in kind. Most of the time it is totally on point, but in this case, it just leaves me scratching my head;
Jasha Lottin, Oregon Woman, Took Nude Photos Inside Horse Carcass.
Actually, scratch that. If you wanna Goole it, tear it up. Mostly it just makes me queasy.
Arybody’s got they own kind of hobbies. I’m down to learn about grown men getting stuck in trees and swings, but grown women crawling into her horse, no matter how nude they are, I find I have little interest in, beyond the unadulterated WTF factor.
We will quickly need to wash our brains of that and I hope that the following email from Tom will be just what the doctor ordered;
Rick made me the splendid dirt tourer you see in the attached photo that has no kittens in it. And he sent me a t-shirt. Pure charity, he must have known that I needed more black bikey t-shirts.
I adopted two male neutered cats last spring from a shelter. One of them turned out to be neither male nor neutered. I did not want to bring more cats into the world, but I had not idea that the dude was a lady. Julio (now known as Booten) was only about 9 months old when “this” happened. Statutory rape. I called the cops because I think I know who the dude was. The man said it isn’t rape if it’s a cat! Can you believe?
The t-shirt went in there because I got it real armpit stinky the other day and I thought they ought to get used to man-stink. Is that wrong? These are three week old kittens, being cared for by Booten, a single mom.


My heart melts.
Also, nine out of ten newborn kittens agree that Hunter Cycles shirts are preferred bedding.
Finally, in closing I have some contact from Ken regarding a bit of Hallow’s Eve hijinkery he and his cohorts engaged in just a few days ago;
“So thanks again for doing up a poster to promote our Halloween festivities. Unfortunately I was unable to procure media of AHTBM paraphernalia in use, top notch riding shots, wizard staffs, or anyone falling into a fire; I guess we really are Jesusweenies. You can find a few pix of Chewy Moffit and a Surly Big Dummy falling into a fire here, however –
That’s all I got, man.
No wait, we did go out after after our romp in the woods and I happened to snap a few shots… it’s no Levis party at Zeitgeist but… the 1st one is of some zombies about the make out while the guy next to them is I think soiling himself. The 2nd of some face makeup with the same zombie couple about to make out, again, in the background.
Happy Halloween from the middle of the country……………”

So there we have a bit of a snapshot from various corners of the land. We’ve covered the heroic, the cute, the swappy, the utterly bizarre, and I did my part with the mundane. Most of all that’s left in the bottom of the bag is some loose change and a few lint balls.
I thank the hearty souls who are good enough to keep us posted with the bits of randomness from their news feeds as well as their own backyards. It makes being a sexy shut-in considerably easier.
Until next time, whenever that is, and we do it all over again.

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3 Responses to “Yet again, the sack’s stuffed to the brim.”

  1. TB November 4, 2011 at 2:49 pm #

    Ok, someone please tell me you got Hasbro’s support for the Supermarket Street Sweep flier. Looks like a lawsuit-in-waiting.

  2. samh November 4, 2011 at 10:08 pm #

    OMG, you’re sponsoring another alleycat!?! BUMFIGHTS!!!

  3. sarah November 5, 2011 at 8:38 pm #

    KITTENS! thank you for the kitten picture.