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Grab a bucket of pop corn and crack open your mind.

Detroit Michigan skyline reflectionsBecause I’m totally wiped out, (I underestimated Utah. It kicked the crap out of me), I am going to substitute today’s post with the following message which I think is an important one to convey. Recently while discussing this matter on the AHTBM Facebook page I declared the following;

“- This is what I was saying years ago. From isolated and run down neighborhoods in Brooklyn to Oakland to San Francisco’s SOMA district to lower downtown Denver to the warehouse district in Minneapolis… All of these neighborhoods were effectively populated by artists and musicians. Eventually when the neighborhoods were deemed hip and safe, developers move in and throw up bullshit ‘artist’s lofts’. SOHO is a prime example of this happening years and years ago… So this repopulation that they are talking about is the exact same principal but not just in a district or neighborhood. This is happening in an ENTIRE FUCKING CITY. This has never happened before on such a broad scale and I for one am extraordinarily excited about it.”

Just watch the documentary, and decide for yourselves. From my perspective, there is an incredibly inspiring renaissance taking place in The Motor City. One which could conceivably teach us a lot about ourselves, our hand in bringing manufacturing back home (even on a small scale) and the various environments in which we live.

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