A New World Disorder.

Like I said last week, (whatever day that was), Caroline from Little Package darkened my door for a week or so, and during that time, very graciously rebuilt my site from the ground up.

If you are seeing a slightly new, but equally similar format, a whole new store, and so on, it means the host transfer is complete.

If you are seeing a completely similar site, then it is not, and should be within the next twenty-four hours to seven days.

When she initially made the offer, I thought “sure. That sounds great… I mean, after all, how complex a process could it be?”

It turns out the answer to that is extraordinarily. If you’ll allow me to put it into structural terms for a moment- The previous site (depending on what you’re looking at right now) was a mud hut;
There is nothing wrong with mud huts, and my previous site (again, depending on what you’re looking at right now) served me very well in terms of sheltering me from the elements and providing me with a safe place to rest my head these last six years. The down side is it was real drafty and in the event that the wind would pick up, pieces of the roof would blow away. Just the same, it was a very comfortable environment to share with both the readership as well as the advertisers since its launch in 2009.

The new site is more akin to a modest brick house:
It has amenities, and running water, and it even comes with beds that are raised off the floor.

Clearly you can’t see all of the many bells and whistles that have been included in the re-build, rest assured, they are there and I am excited to share them with you today, or tomorrow, or for sure some time this week.

Thanks for your patience. Working in these conditions is trying;
Kicking things off first things first, we’ll wade through the discombobulated mess that is my inbox and check out an email from Jocelyn of Maximo Supremo residents Portland Design Works;

Hi buddy.

Hope the lower limb is healing it’s way back to bendy and pain free!

We here at PDW are so stoked to have launched a Kickstarter campaign today for our newest inflation tool – the Fat Stevens!
Would love your help spreading the word to get this campaign funded so we can bring this sweet pump to market. It’s the industry-first portable fat bike pump and we had a great time testing it out in sand, mud and snow to assure it’s ready for the most rad and remote rides.

Speaking of remote rides, I’ll will probably be testing it out this weekend as myself and a few hundred friends ride the Oregon Outback from Klamath Falls to The Dalles. I’ve packed up my brand-spanking new Breadwinner Cycles bike – the Komorebi – for the journey;
Such a pretty ride, totally rad and super comfortable shredding down even the most gravely and rocky unpaved road. Going to put a ton of miles on this bike this summer riding with the Komorebi Cycling Team (more on that later).

Heal quick and thanks,

Considering my overwhelming levels of inactivity these last two months, the name of their pump hurts my feelings, but don’t let that stop you from throwing a bit of coin towards it if it strikes your fancy.

I thank Jocelyn and by extension, PDW for their attention on the matter, and also for rubbing our faces in the new bike that she will assuredly be spending an overwhelming amount of time aboard this summer.

In other news from the Maximo Supremo I got a heads up from Jeff of All City Bikecyles regarding a new batch of stretchy suits they’ve recently taken delivery of;


We just launched the new Big Gulp Kit blog post;
And have a ton of rad photo assets thanks to John Watson.

We’d be much appreciative if you’d consider sharing this with your audience. The kit marks a big step up for us in quality as we’re working with a new supplier.


There you have it straight from the horse’s mouth. New skins for your grape/clam smuggling pleasure emblazoned with one of Minneapolis’s top five favorite imprints.

Moving on to an indirect shout from one of the residents of Maximo Supremo comes from Huckleberry Bicycles on behalf of Knog;

Hey Stevil,

It’s Alexis again at Huckleberry.

We are having another event Saturday June 6th from 6pm to 9pm. Any chance you could post it on your social media outlets;


I suppose this could be considered a social media outlet.

The shindigs at Huckleberry are fun. Like this one they hosted for All City back in February. There were keg stands, and a grumpy drunk, and camaraderie, and cool bikes, and boys, and girls galore.

I don’t see why the evening of the sixth will be any different.

Alas, I won’t be present, as I will most likely be still on my return from Blue Collar Bikes’ Meet Your Maker ride;
Sadly, I won’t be riding in it, but I will be serving up the best ride support I can muster with the help of my sweet new moustache.

If all of that sounds like more than you can stand to miss, you know what to do.

Finally, from Cranpa of FBM I got a link to a video he did an illustration for about a story involving a collision between Mat Hoffman, and Dennis McCoy, very nearly resulting in Dennis’ death.

Warning, the footage is pretty goddamned graphic.

Spoiler alert* Dennis didn’t die, and he continues to be about 1000% more badass than any of the rest of us;

Though we’re neck deep in the New World Order (depending on which version of the site you’re looking at right now), you’ll still have to periodically supply your own barf bags.

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5 Responses to “A New World Disorder.”

  1. Largo June 1, 2015 at 6:52 am #

    Anybody else just run out and check their bar ends??

  2. fupapack June 1, 2015 at 9:02 am #

    that video just proves were all just made out of hamburger meat

  3. pedalman June 1, 2015 at 4:46 pm #

    McCoy and the Condor both have pain thresholds that are off the fucking charts. Wouldn’t want to ever have to mess with either of those two Hombres!

  4. JoshRVA June 1, 2015 at 7:20 pm #

    FUUUUCK dude now I have to try and go to sleep?

  5. meli. June 7, 2015 at 12:57 pm #

    woot i can finally comment. thx caroline ××