Not to be mistaken for wrecked kids.

Good day to you and yours.

Coming out of the gate hot, I’m going to get right down to business as I find myself pretty damned short on time today.

Finally, after months of waiting, and thousands of dollars invested, and stacks of pages of paperwork filled out (not in that order), I finally took possession of the long awaited Who Rides The Tiger record released by yours truly;
180 gram vinyl containing big, pissed sounds mixed by the esteemed Alex Newport, all stored in beautiful packaging with liner notes, both put together by renowned designer Christopher Friedman… This is the kind of record that the 21 year old me woulda ruined a pair of pants for. The kind where you start peeling back the layers and finding more and more cool stuff about.

And then the music- Whooo boy…

As described in one memorable review-

They are plugged into the detuned groove from a time when Kim Thayil was cool and they, as any self-respecting rocker should, have a soft spot for Lemmy. However, as the band embrace their grit and sleaze, it’s clear they have far more in common with High On Fire. Just shy of sloppy, more unkempt than Orange Amplification and with just enough menace to be unnerving, Transylvania Baby finds Who Rides The Tiger on the heels of apocalyptic dirt metal’s new guard.

This album, which is a remastered re-issue of their seminal 2008 release, (but with an additional track) has stood the test of time for me to such a degree, which is why I felt it needed to be released on vinyl.

They are limited in number, and until I can get to pavement pounding and record store visiting, only available here, so if this sounds like a thing your turntable would be hungry for, slide in here and snag one.

Also in the store for a limited time, I have this O Zorn!/Sleeping Sea King split;
The connection of course being that O Zorn! and WRTT both share my dear friend Bill on Guitar and vocal duties. This was a release the bands put out themselves, but I figured as long as I had some way to assist in the distribution of them, I might as well try and assist.

If you are a fan of the loud rock and/or roll, it’s not a bad addition to a collection as well.

And while we’re speaking of doing the devil’s work, as I previously noted, tomorrow evening I’m hosting a photo show and book release for Anthony Tarfuro, and his recently released hardbound edition featuring Vancouver’s BA.KU.;
As a matter of fact, a good portion of Thursday was spent at NWVSF with gallery proprietor Paul (BA.KU. name: Man Taint Of The Dark Regions Of The Mission), Anthony, Madeline, and myself (BA.KU. name: Purple Dildo In The Corner) installing the pieces and getting our ducks in a row.

Certainly, any and all who are interested are more than free to swing by and drink in some of whatever it is we’ll be serving.

As of now, the only two previews I’m willing to provide look like so;
AnthonyTafuro2 (1)
Once the galley doors open it’s game on. Once they close however, we’ll most likely meander across the street and get tore the rest of the way back in the neighboring watering hole where I noted we can not only imbibe, but we can get groped by some trailer trash as well, both of which I’ve done.

It will be a bash for the ages, from both young to old sages.

Bring your party pants and prepare to break both records, and wreck kids.

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3 Responses to “Wreckids.”

  1. Greman Fishcake July 24, 2015 at 7:29 am #

    I love that there’s not an ounce of bicycle in this post, yet Stevil just told us why he rides (when he can).

    • Stevil July 24, 2015 at 7:43 am #

      Oh, you know I loves me some bikes, but there is so much more that makes my world go around…

  2. john July 24, 2015 at 8:45 pm #

    The album art kind of reminds me of the first Black Sabbath release, but with much more red. Order sent.