Getting on, and getting out.

Or, ‘another day, another doll hair‘.
Gi Joe Commander 8

After a battery of recent texts with the one occasionally known as Furry Knuckle, or Uncle Surlywrench, or commonly, Mike Ferrentino, I circled back around to a conversation I had with someone a long time ago regarding the pitfalls of digital media. Nearly anyone with computer has the ability to write and publish whatever comes to their brain and can migrate to their finger tips. Often times, this can be mistaken for fact, because as consumers of information, we’re used to a foundation of journalistic credibility. If we see something in print, we take it at face value, and assume that because we’re reading it in black and white, it’s fact. We now live in a day and age when your common Jane or Joe can stand atop their own personal mountain top and bellow to the masses about any given topic or another and the recipients of said information often times can mistake it for the gods’ honest truth. Being that I’m generally only marginally knowledgeable about just a few things, and flip-flop on issues more than a politician/dying fish (same diff), I have never, nor will I ever contend that this site is a place of any journalistic credibility. At best the content that one might find here on a daily basis is little more than opinion at best, and meandering filler at worst.

Just the same, my personal experiences, just as yours are, are exactly that, and we can only base our opinions, (no matter how ridiculous they might be) on them and them alone. That said, I’m now going to write a short piece on a tool I just took possession of. You can feel free to agree, or disagree with me, because for the time being at least, we’re still free to have our own opinions. Mine are just a few in a sea of many.

Having now made that declaration, let’s get down to business.

Since I’ve taken delivery of that lovely, lovely Kona Hei Hei, it occurred to me that I had no way to true the wheels. Then looking over a couple of my other bikes, I realized that I’d become a real-live through axel convert. Upon this realization I contacted the good people at Feedback Sports to see if they happened to have any type of adapter for that particular sport. Instead of replying with “Yeah dummy. they’re right here“, they very kindly offered up one of their new Pro Truing Stands, (replacing my old stand) which arrived to my front porch on Tuesday afternoon.

Just like all of their tools in my arsenal, it is a thing of beauty;
FBSportsProStand (1)
Naturally, because the minds behind Feedback Sports are good at what they do, no detail was left unattended to.

As any stand worth it’s salt, it of course has a really nice lateral, and axial indicator;
detail3 (1)
detail1 (1)
And a rotor indicator was a really nice touch so I no longer have to use my caliper for the job;
Have I used it yet? Honestly, not really on account of all of my wheels are straight as arrows due to the fact that as of one year ago today, I’ve literally been in bed for almost the last 365 days.

But believe you me, as soon as my entire body isn’t engulfed in pain, and the rains go away, I will be back to destroying parts as only a fat man in a slightly less fat man’s body can.

I would also like to publicly thank Feedback Sports for not only making a really top notch product, but for gracing me with the tastes of it as they have. I’m humbled by their generosity, and it means more to me than I can say.

I might be a ham fisted mechanic who is bad at math, but I’m a ham fisted mechanic who is bad at math with an ultimate set of tools;

If by chance individuals in this here readership are in the market for a truing stand, I can’t recommend their wares enough.

Now, for just a momentary break in the action, I offer this shot Coburn Huff shot of the Bad Egg (RIP) that I found a couple days ago via Confusion Magazine;
This little slice was apparently built in the garage of a rental, which by itself is as bold a move as one could make, and sadly has since been buried. But its very existence gives those of us who have similar dreams hope that we might one day own, or at the very least have access to something similar.

Certainly in no way related to tools, crashing Charles Jefferson’s car, or a homemade DIY paradise, I doubt very many are unaware of the newly formed religion based around the antics of an individual named Candide Thovex. His last video effort called ‘One Of Those Days 2’ was very nearly the greatest things my eyeballs balls have ever seen.

That was of course until number three was released towards the end of last month;

To my mind, he is to the final detail the Banksy of the slopes. A renegade artist, deftly bunching the panties of all comers.

Shine on, you crazy, beautiful diamond, and may your hairs grow in a weird, GI Joe style health forever.

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5 Responses to “Getting on, and getting out.”

  1. tylernol March 11, 2016 at 6:18 am #

    how’d you learn to true /build wheels? Self-taught? I need to pick this skill up since I am pretty hard on my wheels.

    • Stevil March 11, 2016 at 12:03 pm #

      Lotta trial and error, with an extra amount of error… A good start was to unlace and then re-lace an old wheel a few times, but I’m still a shitty wheel builder. Truing is a far easier process.

  2. Largo March 11, 2016 at 6:37 am #

    One word to describe the new stand, sano.
    Might be time to upgrade the old Feedback.

  3. Nevid March 11, 2016 at 9:59 am #

    First he is going to shit then he is going to kill us.

  4. Grip March 11, 2016 at 12:36 pm #

    You had me at- bad at math… it is currently murdering me right now, so those words kinda “stand” out.