Why are we back here and now?


Sometimes it’s best not to ask why, and just embrace the chaos.

Firstly, and speaking of chaos, what with all of the election madness currently occurring-

Madness being a gentle way of putting it

I have been feeling particularly on edge. A couple of weeks ago I felt like I was going to come completely unhinged, and it was everything I could do to right my ship again.

I’m not back to normal by any stretch, but I have to note that a video I posted here last Saturday was one I kept at the ready and watched at least a dozen times over the course of the day, each time feeling incrementally better. Being that it’s Monday today, perhaps it’s as appropriate time to repost it as ever;

Mondays were bad enough when you just had to face another work week. Now with each new wave of the incomprehensible from the campaign trail, it’s about more than I can take.

Luckily I have my tanks topped off from this past weekend’s worth of activities, the first of which of course was the Bernie McGinn photo show that was put on by NWVSF/PSLY and myself.

Arriving fashionably early, I came with bags of ice under each arm and a commitment to maintain a razor sharp focus on both print and board sales so that Bernie wouldn’t have to.

It turns out that I far prefer to be the art star than to handle the business side of things, but all in all, the show was an astonishing success, and everyone had a fantastic time either reliving memories, or developing new ones;
Thanks to everyone who came out, and thanks to Pabst for once again keeping us topped off with libations.

The night was a huge success.

Also, if you by chance were interested in one of them signed, limited edition decks, we have Kurt right here, and Mike right over here;
Now, since the space isn’t an official gallery with normal viewing hours, and a number of people have contacted me regarding seeing the installation, I can say that once the show comes down in a couple of weeks, I’ve already been on contact with Mission Workshop about reinstalling it in their San Francisco store. Certainly I’ll keep folks abreast of any and all developments in the coming weeks.

Between now and then I’d say rattle Paul’s cage, or swing by and knock. Chances are better than good that if you get there mid day during the week, he’ll be in there toiling away making the Paisley machine work.

Waking up at the ass cack of like, 9:00 the following morning I remembered that I was about to sleep through the season’s last BTCEB trail maintenance day.

I slammed a cup of coffee, and hustled out the door arriving to the trail head exactly 45 minutes late, but because more bodies arrived to do work than there were tools with which to do it, I was out of luck. Instead I walked all over the hill to document and/or see if I might could come across an abandoned shovel. Eventually I bumped into BTCEB president Mike Udkow and he offered me a croissant. We chatted for a bit and I continued on my way to look for a spot to labor.

Because rain was scheduled, the trail boss organized a half day, so I got to documenting, my work gloves stashed safely in my back pocket;
Getting involved with local advocacy groups is easy as pie, and then having a voice in the planning, development, and maintenance of your own network of trails is a hugely rewarding thing that I encourage everyone to do.

You know- Provided you wake up on time.

As far as I’m concerned in that regard, I’ve asked the magic 8 ball and it’s told me that the outlook is good.

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2 Responses to “Why are we back here and now?”

  1. Badbeard October 17, 2016 at 8:54 am #

    Great, now I want a Kurt deck and an AHTBM deck. Stupid distance is stupid.

  2. Nevid October 17, 2016 at 4:58 pm #

    Mike Watt !!!! Dude Jam’s Econo ….