This just in! I’m out.


I should note that though I’m not super well versed in Canadian politics, Tom Mulcair seems like a fairly solid cat, so to my Canuck friends, today’s opening photo is for you.

So as I said, I’ve hit the road for a bit so I don’t know how much of a post we’ll have here today, let alone for Friday. We’ll see what there is to see.

Moving on to specific types of matters, I have a thing that’s been weighing quite heavily on my brain I’d very much like to bounce off of this here audience.

The short version is given the current American political climate, and the complete insanity that’s developing with visibility of hard right fascists, I’ve had slight pause with the name and branded products of this site, but specifically with the revised kit I debuted on Monday;
I’m too close to all of this, and I know the entirety of this site’s back story so I’m not in a position to see the big picture very clearly. In 2009 when deciding on a name for the site, I had a list of randomly selected words, song titles, art movements, and so on. Of those, I whittled, and weighed, until I wound up with what we have here, which for those who don’t know, was originally a song by Archers Of Loaf.

Though it’s not my favorite song by the band, (that would be just about everything off of ‘Icky Mettle’), I was quite fond of both the combination of words, the double meaning of it, as well as the cadence of the phrase, so that’s what stuck. As far as using German in an attempt at a form of anti-branding, that was simply in tribute to my German immigrant in-laws, my love for both the German Expressionism, and New Objectivity art movements, and my time spent traveling in the country itself.

But now with people suddenly ‘hailing’ Dumpster, and celebrating hate, I find that I might be in a bit of a bind. Of course, as my friend Kurtz recently pointed out, for anyone to take exception to the kit or the site name, it would take all of about a ten second rudimentary search of its content to see that I promote nothing but good times, and an all-inclusiveness with no exception.

But again, because I am smack dab in the middle of this, with little to no perspective of how others might feel or react, I’m reaching out to the readership to gauge (assuming there are any) other perspectives.

Certainly, if I’m being too sensitive, you can tell me that as well. I might be sensitive, but my skin is thick enough to take the declaration of that.

As always, and with all feedback, I thank you for your time and consideration on the matter.

I suppose while we’re on the topic of all-inclusiveness, I should bend back to an event that just took place a little while ago in Denver that was put on by the good people from Team Meow;
Thanksfully, Team Meow impresario Malcom got in touch with a a little video edit they did that’s packed full of the good feels;

I would like to extend a humble thanks to Malcolm and his cohorts for doing what they do to keep the fires of the underworld stoked.

In other news not necessarily relating to cutty cross events, but not exactly not relating to them either, Jon Badger Martin reached out with a link to a Kickstarter effort that folks ’round here might appreciate.

Though I tend to generally shy away from promoting crowd sourcing campaigns of any sort, the stealth cüzie is just too damned amazing;

Getting drunk everywhere has never been easier.

And I suppose while we’re on the topic of cüzies, I should note that I myself have some new ones coming down the pipe made by none other than Dank Bags Corndog himself;
These will be emblazoned with a patch of a graphic that Snakehawk and I have been working feverishly on for weeks;
Secondly, and relating to that, I will have other branded products which will feature the graphic in all of its glory;
And if you’re curious how this looks when embroidered in full size, then might I suggest you put on a hat so you have something to hold onto;
All I’m saying is that if your Gramgram passes on a holiday card with some cold hard cash in it, you might wanna stash it in your piggy bank for when I get my ducks in a row, and make this garment available for purchase.

Even with all of these business related shenanigans brewing, just yesterday I was still able to get out into the outdoors with Young Carl for a road ride;
Clearly, it was a horrible day spent with a horrible person.

Might I suggest we all engage in as much of that sort of horribleness as we possibly can.

And it’s with that that I now realize despite my best efforts not to, I wound up with a post after all.

I can’t say the same for Friday as I’m not sure where I’ll be, but fingers are crossed it will be somewhere without any sort of computification device. I would however like to say in light of tomorrow’s holiday, and to probably an indescribable degree, I’m thankful for what we have here.

For real, and from the bottom of my heart.

So now I’ll offer preemptive thanks for insight regarding my initial query, and until we cross paths again, will now go ahead and drop the mic.

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15 Responses to “This just in! I’m out.”

  1. Jim November 23, 2016 at 6:56 am #

    Dude…seriously? With your history of not-giving-a-fuck, you are now ready to crawl under the sink and quiver in a puddle of your own piss? Don’t drink the fear cool-aid that is being served on every corner. Fluff your chest hair and drive on….we’re counting on you!

    • Stevil November 24, 2016 at 10:54 am #

      I’m not ready to do shit. Chest hair fluffed. Marching orders given. Directive is handled.

      • Jim November 24, 2016 at 1:01 pm #

        I just re-read what I posted and realize I violated my own rule of not talking till the caffeine has flushed most of the asshole outta my system. I’ll stick by the sentiment though. I like what you do and it looks like a bunch of others do as well. Keep stirring the pot and poking the bear and if you decide to change, do it for your reasons…not because of some bs change in the political climate.

  2. Ghostshipmatt November 23, 2016 at 7:24 am #

    Not sure I have a succinct answer for your question…but I have had similar thoughts as we promote our SSCX stuff. To most folks familiar with bicycle racing of the single speed kind, SS, when used as a prefix, means just that: “Single Speed”. It was brought to my attention when I was designing a poster for our series a couple of years ago that since said poster was going to be placed in public areas where other non-cycling folks might see it, and it contained lightning bolts (NOT in the manner associated with the German storm troopers), the “SS” designation might have other connotations. Maybe I’m a bit naive, but that iconography never crossed my mind in terms of the other way that it might be perceived. I was reminded of this recently when I gave one of my new posters to a gent as a thank-you for getting me in to see Jay Ryan talk at a corporate gig. He (the gent who approved my attendance, not Mr Ryan) rides bikes, and has dabbled in CX, but he asked, “What does the SS mean?”

    It’s definitely made me more aware of how my art & design work might be perceived to an audience outside of my immediate group to whom I’m making work for. However, I’m not going to research every way that a piece I’m making might adversely affect the way someone looks at it. Art can certainly challenge both the viewer and the maker, but I think that learning and understanding the intent behind the work is of supreme importance. Hope this perspective helps you in your reflection.

  3. Matt November 23, 2016 at 7:47 am #

    White Trash Heroes has a different ring to it today too. I don’t know what the lesson is here; always careful and judicious use of irony? Or just fuck it… Let history sort it all out.

  4. Raymond Epstein November 23, 2016 at 7:59 am #

    I will surmise that the resounding majority of the readers of this site are of above average intelligence. Thus, you needn’t apologize for your art…ever. This is especially true of the shitheels you reference. I happily sport my original AHTBM jersey and will continue to do so without a second thought. Furthermore, I hope you will not cave and change the upcoming kit since I was considering garnering a new one as my original is pretty beat.

  5. pedalman November 23, 2016 at 8:49 am #

    You should probably stick to the non offensive stuff. You know like tennis balls and pictures of cats. Just my opinion….

  6. Crank November 23, 2016 at 11:27 am #

    So, because German=Nazi? WTF. Bitte nicht. This is you letting Dumpster win. Knock it off.

  7. eb November 23, 2016 at 7:22 pm #

    I say don’t change a thing. Your existing fans are probably cool with how you have been doing things and how you will continue to do things. Best/worst case scenario is that the German stuff brings a few Dumpsterphiles in, they see the positivity and love that happens here, and change their ways. Yeah right, eh?

    In the reality that is my opinion, such as it is, Crank is right. Don’t start to self-censor due to the current political climate. That is how the fascists gain the foothold that leads to their victory. Do your thing, we will be here.

  8. T-cubed November 23, 2016 at 7:36 pm #

    I fully support the continued use of allhailtheblackmarket. It’s a gripping phrase, whatever that means. If it makes someone pause and think, no matter what they think, I believe that’s a net positive. And if they think enough to just search for the phrase and find either this site or the namesake song, all the better.

  9. Mike November 24, 2016 at 4:09 am #

    If you change it, you’re changing for a movement that is wrong, thus letting them win. Since Raymond Epstein said all of we fellow readers “are of above average intelligence”, then I say fuck em if they can’t take a joke. Smart? Right?

  10. Benitosbro November 24, 2016 at 6:57 am #

    Stop being a sensitive turd, and run this motherfucker full-Steam ahead- rocks be damned!

  11. BOSAFOW November 25, 2016 at 5:50 am #


    Do your thing and let other folks worry about the meaning. It is all after all art (which if my half drunk, post TBI self can remember correctly) is subjective. If someone chooses to be set off by your kit or renderings then it’s on them if they choose to go full blown “Carmen Lucette Tisch” on your awesome projects. That’s my nickel’s worth, take care dude.

  12. Dauber Jenkins November 25, 2016 at 12:56 pm #

    I sit here in the trenches of the industry wondering if it can or will get any better, I read your blog. It fills me with all sorts of hope in gallon form. A good swift reminder that this that we do can be fun, a living, a past time a way of life. I don’t want or feel a change in your tone, content, or snark is necessary or warranted given our political climate. That or any other fucking climate actually. We’ve never met and probably never will but I feel you are a part of my “life” and I don’t want that person that I “know” to be a different one tomorrow. I think we all need more tennis ball posts in our lives. Keep on keepin’ on dude.

  13. Jon Grinder November 27, 2016 at 11:37 am #

    I’m thinking that the “all hail” in the title subverts the meaning that the neo-nazis give it. (Call a spade a spade and drop the pc “alt-right” label).)

    Keep up the good work.