Quickly before I piss off into the sunset.

It’s true. After the last couple of weeks/month/year I have come undone, and I am skipping town for a week. I’m bringing no computer, will lock my phone in a drawer, and will most likely only be reachable via my wife, or JMak,

If you need to reach me, and know how to access either of them, then there you go.

Otherwise I’ll be returning to civilization on the 30th.

And might I recommend not waiting until you’ve completely come unhinged before you treat yourself to some rest.

First things first, and speaking of rest, former big boss at Swobo/current big boss at the New Belgium Ramble Ride series, Peter got in touch with a clip detailing not only one of his recent events, but one that features one of my favorite people in the world, Mr. Michael Bussman;
For those who perhaps might not be in the know, this is he;

And so is this;

And so is this;

So now he’s basically one of your favorite people too.

At some point this summer Peter asked me if I wanted to go on the trip featured in that clip. I was in Colorado at the time, and while it certainly would have been convenient, I tend to not ride bikes in proximity people any longer.

This might change by next summer however, and I could potentially find myself smack dab in the middle of it, grimacing along with everyone else.

Now, if you please, as I touched on in today’s post’s intro I am in fact pissing off into the sunset for a week. Before I got to getting however, I went to my sew shop to check on our long sleeved woolies, and if I do say so, they look spectacular;

The shop was a bit behind schedule, as when I began all of this process, I had it down that I’d be shipping them this week.

What a difference four days makes.

At this point, the jerseys just need to be trimmed, pressed, and bagged. I will be picking them up on Monday the 30th, and shipping them over the following couple of days.

We’re practically on schedule, but sometimes the universe steers your ship where the universe wants to steer your ship.

In news relating to being several days and at least one dollar short, Ethan from Breadwinner reached out with some news that when he sent it was new, but now that I’m getting around to doing something with it, is old;


Were launching a limited edition bike at Grinduro. No, it’s not purple.

It’s a 650B gravel bike with a steel IGLE fork and room for 2.1 tires. Kinda different than we’ve done before. It’s more of a singletrack bike with drop bars.

Attached is a sneak peek photo;

I’ll give you a full press release sometime next week. Stay tuned.

Is anyone from your team going to Grinduro?


To answer his possibly rhetorical question, tons of my team was there, but because I was just getting back from three weeks on the road, I was not.

And also because of that not riding bikes with people thing I mentioned earlier.

Now, before we part ways, for one final time, I will make the announcement that Paul Component Engineering’s Pauloween cross race is coming up quickly;

Photos courtesy of Zack Cunningham.

If you can make it out, don’t forget a stash of gummy vitamin Cs or watermelon Gu Chomps for the next day. They’re the quicker hangover picker-upper.

You can take that to the bank.

And it’s with that, I bid you a fond farewell until next time.

May all of your pissing off be fruitful, though lest ye forget, never into the wind.

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3 Responses to “Quickly before I piss off into the sunset.”

  1. Jose October 18, 2017 at 7:54 am #

    When he was in Flagstaff, I called him VW Bussman. Yet his given names are not Viktor Wilheim.

  2. Steve October 18, 2017 at 8:48 pm #

    Get some good soul-filling rest, homie.

  3. Colin M October 19, 2017 at 3:03 pm #

    Enjoy your vacation dude. Getting off the internet is good for the soul. More people should do it. Unplug from the matrix and enjoy the elements.