Coming through with the good stuff.

Real quick while you have a moment, and I have a moment, and we have moments together, let’s bang out a quick missive and deliver that which some folks might have a craving for.

First, I received a text from David of Crows Feet Commons up there in Bend, Oregon the other day. Not only is he the proprietor of said shop, but he is the organizer of this year’s Single Speed World Championships. In the text he first asked if I could give the debacle another plug, which of course I’m happy to do;

He also asked if if I was attending, which despite the fact that I’ve been included as one of the features at this year’s event, I am not. I have no money, no time, no ride, a bike I don’t particularly care to be on, and on top of all of those things, it’s the weekend of my wedding anniversary.

Sometimes the universe pushes you in specific directions, and the older I get, the more I listen and pay heed to those subtle little cues. This is one of those instances. For those who will be in attendance, please have the most kind of fun in my absence. I had a long conversation with Carl Decker this past weekend and besides the all of the other topics we covered, he did describe pretty clearly what they have planned for this event and it sounds like it’s gonna be just what the doctor ordered.

It’s just that I rarely listen to doctors.

In other news unrelated to missing a reunion of the class of the damned, I would like to direct folk’s attention to a project I have cooking currently with Voler, that will look little something like this;

Now please understand dear reader, this is something I’ve been working on for weeks, and between being out of town, and not working at home during my days, getting all of the Ts dotted and Is crossed has been a bit of a challenge. Rest assured, once I have everything in place to pull the trigger on this bad dog, I will do so soundly. Until then, squirrel away around $70.00 and we’ll get everything sorted when we do.

I suppose speaking of respecting women, but the total opposite of that, might did anyone catch the bumbling meatbag cry show that aired recently, otherwise known as the Kavanaugh hearing?

Oh. My God. I haven’t wanted to crawl out of my skin so badly since potentially never. For five minutes I’ve tried to craft a humorous comparison, and for the life of me I can’t. Christine Blasey Ford has the strength and bravery of ten extremely strong and brave people, and just as I did in 1991 with Anita Hill, I stand in quiet support of her, her family, and all that she’s going through as this, King Of All Shitshows continues to develop.

Luckily, John Oliver once again socks a dinger to end all socked dingers in his breakdown of the debacle;

Between fits of rage resulting in short walks around my house to collect myself and random bouts of nervous laughter, it took me a bit to get through, but I’m glad I made the commitment.

Mr. Oliver is a National Treasure®, and I thank him for his efforts.

Lastly, with a bit of feel-good fodder which might help swallow any residual knots of anger, from Chrome Industries I received some info regarding a new line they’ve just dropped, the video clip for which features the all mighty Cardiel;

For those who might be interested in more detailed details on the matter, here you be;


As you know, John Cardiel made his name riding skateboards and fixed gears on city concrete but he’s most at peace in the woods. The latest Cardiel collection, Darkwood;

-celebrates John’s escape from the city and welcomes back one of his favorite bags, the Shank. In the short film “Escape From Babylon”, John relies on friendly woodland creatures, (animated by @hombre_mcsteez), who show him the way from hustle and bustle of bike share in the city streets to the flow of dirt on his Santa Cruz Nomad and a chill campfire session in the Darkwood.

All Hail Cardiel!


Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t dig them irie vibes, but for Cardiel I make an exception.

Hell, for that matter, I have to make an exception for camo.

Both Crome and John make me reassess all of my convictions, and for that I guess I have to thank them.

Really, it’s a blessing, which reminds me of an adage I just only right now made up.

As they don’t say now, but maybe will eventually- “three tacos in your box is box is worth more than none in your hand“.

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4 Responses to “Coming through with the good stuff.”

  1. Largo October 4, 2018 at 7:06 am #

    It’s important for those with a platform and audience to speak out about misogynist assholes like DJT and his SCOTUS (kinda sounds like scrotum) nominee Kavanaugh.
    You listen to DJT (and Kavanaugh) at his security blanket rally’s, man it’s no wonder that most victims of sexual violence won’t come forward .
    DJT asks the question why didn’t she come forward all those years ago? Well just listen to yourself dipshit. I don’t think I could muster the courage to do what Dr. Ford has done. No, I correct that, I know I wouldn’t have the courage.
    As Jim Wright over at stone kettle station opines on these cretins “no more self awareness than a dog licking its asshole in public”.
    Fuck me, these god damned “people”.
    Keep the fire burning.

  2. And October 4, 2018 at 11:03 pm #

    About $70 duly squirreled away at last some good news coming out of the US, I’m blanking out anything orange tinged for the foreseeable future thankyou very much but good luck anyway..

  3. Hurltron 5000 October 5, 2018 at 6:36 am #

    you said ‘box.’ Also, yesterday was “National Taco Day.” Will miss you in Bend.

    carry on.

  4. Gary Thornton October 5, 2018 at 6:45 am #

    You had me at Hot Dog Tacos