Life’s a roller coaster.

Man, last week really kicked the crap out of me, but as Elton John once famously said, ‘I’m still standing‘.

You’re welcome for the ear worm, by the way.

I’m tattered, but survived the very worst rabbit hole I’ve gone down in months, if only by the grace of Soulrun Joe and Laura, and copious amounts of ice cream. Like Cranpa says, “you never see a grown man cry while eating ice cream.

One thing I did happen to mention in the previously linked post however, was an offer to send interested parties little watercolor paintings of individuals contorting into impossible positions, while a symbol of jettisoned security and innocence laid nearby;

Adhering to my standard mode of operation, it was only natural that I ended up greatly overestimating my skillset/underestimating people’s inclination to procure such a thing, and as of right now, I’ve finished and sent four, drawn and begun painting twenty-eight, and have another twenty-five or so in the queue;

Frankly I thought I might get the chance to make five or ten of them, but the response was overwhelming. I sincerely appreciate the interest and support, and am attempting to get them done as quickly as I can. In fact, on Friday I woke up and committed to spending the day working on them. I worked for nine solid hours with only a short break to go enjoy some tacos and watermelon juice, and I was still completely buried under the project by day’s end.

I utilized the hell out of the table I had to work at this week, but alas, I’m back in the wind, and not sure when I’ll be able to get them finished. I promise that I will as soon as I’m able, and will get them all shipped out then.

It’s with that declaration I present days 127 to 133;

Now just like in last week’s post in which I engaged in a bit of tech nerdy, I feel compelled to do so in this post as well.

What you see here is a Crank Brothers tool that I found on a road ride at least ten years ago;

It has remained my ride or die tool ever since, primarily because I was too cheap to buy a replacement. There really isn’t anything wrong with the old thing, save for the fact that the action of the wrenches is all lüsie güsie, which makes it real hard to actually use to any degree of efficiency.

So it was with my hat firmly in hand that I reached out to DPow! from Blackburn Design and asked if he might by chance have a tool sitting around in a box that he might could maybe flow me.

Well, I’ll be damned, but flow me he did;

That there is The Tradesman, The Big Switch, and The Pro Plugger, which by the way, I think is a pretty sexy nickname.

I didn’t request the Big Switch or The Pro Plugger, but that was certainly a nice way to round out a very thoughtful care package. These tools have more bells and whistles than a bell and whistle factory, and I humbly thank DPow! for his consideration and thoughtfulness regarding my plight.

In the coming days I will be re-assembling my selection of ride tools, thereby transitioning them from shabby to chic.

In closing, I’d like to share an important chunk of other industry news. Cranpa from FBM reached out yesterday with his standard array of words, and some news about some very good work;


I have been loosely spreading the word via social media, but this weekend we will be debuting RADshare at teh DIY Worlds, and I was hoping you could spread the word…

Here’s the about info.

Basically we started a foundation, a non profit to help under resourced kids get safe and practical bikes, and helmets, and expose them to BMX, and the arts of fun;

So far we have done ramp building, and screen printing ‘workshops’, started teaching youngsters how to work on their bikes, and given out some free gear to kids through donations and fundraising;


Here are a few photos and the info.

Thanks dawg!

– Steve

As I was copying and pasting Cranpa’s missive, I began reflecting on how it is that there are some businesses/enterprises/imprints that seem to just print money, while offering nothing of substance, and then there’s a company like FBM who’s seemingly always teetering on the edge of destitution, yet still has the heart to constantly pay it forward.

There’s really no justice, but let me just say, I’m so very glad that FBM exists, and that they keep finding a way to make the world a better place.

Little brands like FBM, (and dare I lump AHTBM into the mix) make me proud to be in this dusty corner of the bike world, and if ever there was an embodiment of a grumpy clown on a rollercoaster, I feel safe in saying that would be we.

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4 Responses to “Life’s a roller coaster.”

  1. Ron Frazelle October 22, 2019 at 7:44 am #

    Another great read. Thanks for being.

  2. Hurl Von Endotone October 22, 2019 at 9:31 am #

    top content, right here! EK, DPow, Cranpa’s Radshare. And an ümlaut overdose with lüsie güsie? I’m staying!

  3. Hewhocannotbenamed October 22, 2019 at 1:19 pm #

    And it is for this reason, along with multiple others, that Cran Cran will continue to get my money as long as I can swing my scab laden legs over a bike.

  4. Devin Curran October 23, 2019 at 12:20 pm #