Screaming into the void.

I’ve never been much of a Munch fan, but the above depicted painting of his sums up pretty much what I’m feeling these days, so use it I will.

For those off shore of the United States, or for those who maybe have made a break from the media to save your own sanity, I’ll make mention now that a war on women’s reproductive rights is in full swing. Texas has just essentially put a bounty on anyone’s head who provides an abortion, who assists in an abortion, or even a driver who takes the woman to a clinic.

This is wholly inconceivable to me, yet here we are.

Oh, but the same state who cares so much about unborn children? They’ve also put into law Texans can open carry firearms without a permit or training.

Am I the only one who feels as though they’re losing what little is left of their minds?

Anyway, Texas opened a snitch line so any and all can blow the whistle on their neighbors, local doctors, or any women who might say, have been raped, impregnated, and are looking for a way out.

It’s called, and I’m not kidding here, Pro Life Whistle Blowers.

Do not, and I repeat, do not send repeated reports to the site, lest it might come down with a case of the crashies;

Now, I don’t know which incredibly handsome, and obvioulsy hilarious person did these, but they stand as a fine example of the power that one could weld, if they so chose.

Furthermore, apparently somebody has been bombarding the site with Shrek memes.

I’d say we’re all doing the Lord’s work here.

But in all seriousness, these laws are potentially just the tip of a really shitty iceberg. Besides trolling the douchebag nerds, real honest to goodness support needs to be applied elsewhere, like for example, Planned Parenthood, or Abortion Funds.

If you had some additional dough to further fund safe and accessible health care for women, please do.

At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, a war on women is a war on all of us.

Now that we’ve addressed that, let’s get onto other things.

Such as, for instance, my new patches;

I even went the extra mile and haphazardly sewed one on my battle vest with my garbage little Marriott sew kit;

I’m super good at sewing.

If you are also super good at sewing, buy one for you, and buy one for their friend who has no arms.

Moving on from that to the next thing- Has anyone seen this snazzy little weirdness that Ferrentino recently jibber jabbered about on the Outside (dot) coms?;

I posted this article around the way the day it came out, mentioning that despite my general reservations about everything new, it was in fact making me feel a bit tingly in my bathing suit area.

Following that theme, Potter from Boulder’s Vecchios Bicicletteria chimed in with the following response;

The only thing tampering my bike boner is the integrated strut/shock. My brief time at Maverick scarred me for life.

For those who might not recall, Maverick was Paul Turner’s short lived brainchild that shuttered back around 2012;

I never had any experience working on Mavericks, and maybe only pedaled one around once or twice. I had friends who had them, and they seemed to like them pretty well, but for whatever reason, something just wasn’t right, and despite Paul’s pedigree, the whole thing just kinda unceremoniously went away.

Still, the Digit Datum (I feel compelled to call it the Digit Dayummmmm) just looks so sleek, and pretty, and like I wanna go ride it across some trails in order to find a place to take a nap.

In other news regarding the random goings on of the AHTBM sphere, I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I partnered with Podium Wear to start making the WSRW jerseys, but we’ve upped the ante recently and now have two different styles available;

There is the men’s/unisex Silver model, which the PW site describes like so;

Great for rides where you’d like a bit more coverage on your arms but still want freedom of movement. The fabric is soft to the touch, wicks well, is breathable and can also take a beating. Easily worn with or without pads. It has a semi-form fit so if you like things loose, we recommend that you size up.

And now, the for the men’s and women’s Gold design, which are described like so;

This next-level mountain bike jersey features a new cut with extra length in the back for full coverage in any ride position. Upgraded set-in sleeve construction ensures a comfortable fit and helps keep the jersey in place. The highly breathable and soft fabric can withstand a thrashing without deteriorating. We’ve added a bonus microsuede glasses/goggle wipe at the right bottom hem. Easily worn with or without pads.

So get one if you want one, or get two and cut the sleeves off of one of them.

Relating to that, as I stated elsewhere recently, I don’t often promote Satanism to be contrarian, but I support them because they support human rights;

Finally, In closing I’ll bring up an event that local honch and super ripper Hannah Bergemann recently organized called the ‘Hang Time’;

I rode up there on Thursday to see if any time was being hung, which unfortunately, it was not.

I then rode back up there on Friday, (on a bike that was a little under-suspended);
-and was pleased to see a a whole array of time being hung;

It was so rad getting to watch so many women rip so hard.

Unfortunately, on Saturday, the day of the big jam, I ended up getting sidetracked at the Donkelope Bikes shop shooting photos for a feature which will hopefully at some point wind up in print, which was followed by light rains and pizza, but I’m sure there will be a full blown video feature available before too long on the Transition Bikes site where you can catch far more comprehensive coverage than that which I could snag with my pocket computer.

So many sincere thanks to Miss. B;

Her effort in organizing this whole event, rallying the troops, and being a radical human being just simply makes the void far less scream-intoable.

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