Time to make the donuts, V. whatever.

I was talking to someone recently about my old Chuey crest caps;

(And no, I no longer have them, but I sure do have these).

And specifically the graphic, and slogan presented upon its side;

‘Zeit Die Berliner Ballen Zu Machen’ which relates to today’s post in that it says in my best broken German, ‘time to make the donuts‘.

Apparently the person with whom I was speaking had never heard of Fred The Baker, nor had she heard the famous Dunkin’ Donuts slogan. Apparently I’m super old.

Anyway, unrelated to that, someone else reached out and mentioned that the lions of Flanders included in the crest also have boners, which up to this point, I don’t think I ever noticed.

How’s all of that for a big fat AHTBM fun fact?

As we’ll revisit later in today’s post, I might be in the throes of complete mania.

In unrelated news, Robot sent me there following very informative video that one or all of us could at some point likely use;

Lesson learned.

While Robot is in our immediate field of vision, I would like to again mention that he and I have joined forces with the Revolting postcast, and not only do we have them over there on the Cycling Independent website, but we are now official on iTunes.

We even got our first review;

We were kinda struggling with the name, and while I’m ok with ‘Revolting’, I find ‘Unlistenable In Three Different Ways‘ so much more punk.

So thank you for doing the Lord’s work Leadvilain, in helping keep dipshit nerds like yourself off of our lawn so we can continue to polish this turd in peace.

Jesus Christ… What a fucking square.

I 100% guarantee, they use these;

In news not relating to starting fights in bars, or unlistenable podcasts in the least, the other day I posted a short story on my InstantGraham feed of a pretty catastrophic tear in my rear mountain bike tire (which admittedly was at least a couple of months past its retirement age). To fix it, I jammed a bacon strip in there, (a patch system for tubules tires, for any folks who might not know), and crossed my fingers that I would be able to get off the mountain and return home in one or so pieces.

In seeing said story, Travis from Paul Component Engineering sent me a text and asked me if I had one of them fancy Dynaplug setups.

I got one back at the 2017 Paul Camp, which if you can’t remember looked pretty much like this;

I seem to recall having no idea how to use it, so I gave it away. At the time I was also for sure not running tubeless so it wouldn’t have made any difference to have in my tool kit anyway.

Well finally, in at least three of the four tires on two bikes I currently have in my possession, I’ve at long last arrived into the 21st century, and Travis very kindly sent me one of the super new updated versions to eventually use;

Even after watching various video tutorials, I’m still skeptical that these works, but Travis swears by them, and if they’re good enough him, they’re good enough for me.

Finally, I’d like to share this image from a dating site that Jack sent to me;

I’m all about helping people find love.

So, here’s the deal- So many people have been busting my balls about doing another run of these shirts, that I have finally relented. I mean, at least an order has been submitted to my screen printer who is currently on vacation, and probably looking like this;

I’d imagine if the shop’s not super backed up, we might be seeing these towards the second week of October. I’m not doing a pre-order this time around because A) doing pre-orders are a full blown logistical nightmare for me, and as I’ve had a hard enough time these last few months finding my ass with both hands (honest to god, I think I’m losing my mind with maybe something like early onset Alzheimer’s. Seriously- I can’t remember conversations, names of streets, my own address…. None of it. It’s as if my brain has dropped the mic, flicked a booger on the wall, and moonwalked right out of the building).

And B) I’m flush enough with cash, and I’m reasonably certain the interest is there so that I might sell through a batch in pretty short order, and not end up having to slave over a deep fryer, or wash dishes somewhere.

If I don’t sell out of them, I guess I’ll have a brand new t-shirt every day in which to make the donuts.

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6 Responses to “Time to make the donuts, V. whatever.”

  1. AJ September 14, 2021 at 8:36 am #

    Travis is right, Dynaplug’s are amazing. Plus, he’s probably always right.

  2. Kyle September 14, 2021 at 8:40 am #

    Got my shirt last week ahead of the rush. How about another run of the jerseys though?

  3. cheesy rider September 14, 2021 at 4:31 pm #

    Not 100% sure but think that might be a Griffin on your crest. I always get comments on my AHTBM stuff but no chicks yet. At least there’s hope! I’m participating in a cognitive medical research program designed to help detect and prevent dementia and Alz. Will let you know if I learn anything cool and how the treatments go. Cheers Stevil!!

  4. Lane-O September 15, 2021 at 11:11 am #

    I have carried Dynaplugs for a long time and never used one until last week (when I also discovered that Stan’s doesn’t taste as bad as you would think it does as it spewed from my front tire and all over my face) but it took about 30 seconds to fix my tire and be on my way and it has held up so far.