Here we go some more.

The fact that we’re all here again today begs the question- What would The Dude do?

I dunno… At some point I’m either going to get bored of doing these posts, you’re going to get bored of reading them, or some anonymous company will buy me out and I’ll be allowed to live the life of leisure I so richly deserve.

It turns out that today doesn’t happen to be the day for at least two of those things.

So, today I have at least three very important items of note, but because I’m typing out this post on Sunday, I’m not yet entirely sure what they are yet. A couple of things I for sure can mention is that I got a brand new batch of fancy pants new FLAT top caps in;

And a spanking new batch of the mostly popular turntable slip mat;
AHTBM Turntable mat
Apparently I like round things with holes in the middle. Whatever comes next will assuredly be more of the same. And I suppose while I’m on that particular topic I should once again make mention that a few years ago I put a record for a real good band after they’d already broken up;

If you would like one, or all of these round things with holes in them, take the necessary steps. I will do the rest of the things.

In other news, how would you feel about a new episode of Revolting?;

This is the 18th episode, and as of right now, I believe we’re going to get on a regular schedule of publishing every other Monday, which is good because I now realize we recorded this episode five months ago. I’ve even heard tell that we might possibly go to a weekly schedule, though I’m not entirely sure I have enough words to back that up. Anyway, for the here and now however, I hope you enjoy the latest effort. I’m almost sure it starts to get good with this one. If not, then we definitely begin to hit our stride at 19 or 20.

Beyond that, Devin sent me a video clip of a young woman who has a real fire under her;

Hey Stevil,

Check this edit I put together from a session last Sunday with Ruby Lilly. Ruby is a young Ripper from Oceanside CA and has a flare and style all her Own. At 14 she has a bag of tricks that would make anyone jealous;

Sponsored by Madness, Vans, Ace Trucks… And the list goes on.

Now turn this off and Go Ride Your Skateboard.???❤️‍?


Fourteen years old. Man, that’s really something…

And I would go ride my skateboard, but it’s raining for the like, 365th day in a row.

Also, and this is pretty wild, but Robot (the guy who I do the aforementioned podcast with) has been plagued with a fairly incapacitating back spasm, this being the third week that it’s been giving him grief. The topic we discussed in last week’s recording happened to be about men in our lives growing up, and specifically ways in which our own fathers taught us how to be good people, and so on. At one point I described my own dad’s general, and occasionally nearly paralyzing empathy. We continued on for a bit, wrapped it up, made a couple fart jokes, and went our separate ways.

I then went on to tidy up my house a touch, mop my floors and such, and ever-so-subtly a small ache began to develop in my back, just to the left of my spine, above my kidney. I took an epson salt bath, worked on it with my off-brand theragun, and within two hours I was in such pain I could barely breathe, or get myself out of bed.

I’ve never in my life had a back spasm, so there you go.

The moral of the story is to never talk to Robot about his own medical maladies, and you won’t have any of your own.

Now then- Do you remember this post when I introduced you to a fellow named Rowley Haverly who makes little cycling figurines like the ones he made of me;

Or my homie ELM?;

Well, because he’s sort of like the bicycle dirtbag’s patron saint, I decided it would be a cool thing to get one made for Pineapple Bob.

If you don’t know who PB is, this is he;

And especially-

Well, this is Rowley’s mini-he;

How cool is that?

I sent it off to him at his new home in the Hawaiian islands shortly after I got it, and based on the voicemail message I received from him, he was undeniably happy with it.

If you might fancy yourself a mini you, or a mini someone you love, hit Rowley up on the IGs and toss the old bean some shekels for one of your own.

Lastly, as we’re all well aware- USA Cycling sucks, they’ve always sucked, and as near as I can tell, will always suck, but even for them, this is a new low;

So as I am want to do, I responded;

I don’t know about you all, bit I think it’s really good.

But that just like, my opinion man.

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3 Responses to “Here we go some more.”

  1. Oliver March 22, 2022 at 6:15 pm #

    Talking about round things with holes in them, if you are bored and have not heard of them, check out the band Bloodlights. Especially the albums ‘Simple Pleasures’ or/and ‘Stand or Die’. This is the band of the guitarist of Gluecifer after Gluecifer called it quits. Sounds like something you might enjoy.

    • Stevil March 23, 2022 at 8:09 am #

      You bet. I was up on them immediately… Everything out of the Northland is good. It’s gotta be so thing in the water.

  2. thatguy March 28, 2022 at 10:38 pm #

    I recently found it fun to read your posts while listening to a random artist/track. this one lined up pretty well especially with the back spasm part

    No affiliation, and no beverages involved here, man