Web logs are back.

At least that’s a thing I read recently while perusing the internet and stumbling across this.

I mean, if we can’t trust this guy on the matter, then who can we?;

I knew it was just a matter of time until I was so far off the back, I’d eventually be in the front.

Thanks for the validation, Neil.

And speaking of living in the past, in the present, of the four bikes I brought with me to my new home in Canada’s Tijuana, foolishly two of them were one speed cross bikes. However, if I’m honest, one is a bar/foul weather bike, and one is my nice Sunday ripper. Well, a couple of weeks ago, with my geared all-road/comfort/cross/crabble bike being out of commission, and my mountain bike needing a brake bleed, I opted to drag my busted carcass over hill and dale on the aforementioned ripper. The thing is, it’s geared for solid mid-pack races, and with a 36/16, my big grind was nothing but suffering;

So with the pain still fresh in my mind, I called in a favor with my friends over there at White Industries, and nabbed myself a 20 which was all well and good until I had to ride to the trails, so I tried it again, and got me one of their 16/19 Dingles;

So nobody mistakes me for a Rockefeller, I actually just swapped the new body onto the driver I’d just purchased. It was so easy, even a broken down man child could do it.

I should mention that while the website says you can’t run an 1/8th inch chain with one of these, I am, because I’m a rebel, Dotty.

Also, I had to do a bunch of monkeying with a half link, so if you fancy yourself a bit of an addled mechanical wizard in need of a sore back, and fingernails you’d like to dirty, then perhaps I could interest you in some of the best one speed technology the year 2002 had to offer.

Speaking of which, I’m thinking of investing in a treadless-treaded headset conversion kit so I can run this stem that Pilder recently notified me of;

No bike is complete without a cockpit that stretches into tomorrow.

Moving along to other topics, I don’t believe I’ve mentioned any of this yet, but at long last, and after much effort, I finally have a piece I’ve been laboring over detailing Donkelope Bikes in the latest issue of Mountain Flyer Magazine;

Thus far in my writing ‘career’, I’ve not yet gotten both photo and writing credit, so these were exciting developments for me.

Unfortunately they didn’t use one of the photos I shot, which was a favorite, so I’ll post it here instead;

If you’d like a copy of your own so as to read this piece, or any of the other good things found within, head to your local quality retailer, or order them directly from the mag.

On behalf of myself, and Mountain Flyer Magazine, and all of the people in its employ, thank you for helping keep print alive.

And speaking of keeping print alive, here I am to remind you that while out of one side of my mouth I encourage the support of print media, I also need to let you know that the brand newest episode of Revolting is available here;

Can we strike a balance and agree that both print and digital media are important to support?

Always, always, but most especially when said media forms are signing a check to me, and keeping me in this lavish lifestyle to which I’ve become accustomed.

So in conclusion- media is important, Podcasts that are supposed to cover a topic but barely do are awesome, long stems are questionable, one speeds will always be hard to ride, and weblogs apparently are not only back, but apparently never went away.

Let’s keep it that way for at least another decade.

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  1. GeWilli May 10, 2022 at 6:40 am #

    That neil guy’s web log has more pop ups than a pirate CX live race broadcast from 2012