Hello Tuesday, my old friend.

Man, if an image ever conveyed the sad trombone sound, I’d say this would be the one.

So, starting things off- there’s this website called the Cycling Independent where a fellow named Robot and I have a podcast that goes by the name Revolting, you know? Well, in recent discussions with Robot, he asked if I’d like to be on the masthead as a regular contributor. I said no, but he did it anyway. I don’t know if this means I’m getting a raise, or if more will be expected of me or what. Time will tell, but in the meantime, I’d like to present to you the newest episode of our jibberjabber;

I hope you enjoy our latest effort.

And here’s a weird thing. I listened to today’s episode yesterday morning. At one point I mentioned in passing that I needed to call and make a follow up appointment with my dermatologist. Right after I heard that, I called my doctor but no one was in the office. I went back to sleep for about a half hour, and when I woke up, I saw a text on my phone reminding me I had an appointment scheduled today.

Sometimes the universe really spins me out.

Anyway, and speaking of effort, the three things that make my heart really sing are clean sheets, putting on new socks, and brand new bar tape;

The above depicted tape that was replaced was probably two years old, and had seen more than its fair share of abuse;

For years I used Cinelli gel tape, as it was less prone to tearing than the standard foam/cork/whatever tape, but this stuff is the Pro ‘Race Control’ tape, comes in all your favorite colors, (provided your favorite colors are white or black), and is the best stuff ever. It’s grippy without being sticky, is super durable, and best of all, unlike the gel tape, is easily cleaned of mud, cooties, or blood.

This of course means they will likely stop making it yesterday, and I’ll have to buy as much of it as I can find in order to satisfy my needs going forward.

Stupid, sexy bike industry.

So here’s a thing you might or might not be interested in- One of my favorite skateboarders, inventor of the Boneless One, and producer of the seminal fanzine ‘Skatefate’ is a fella who goes by the name Garry Scott Davis, and is shown here in an image shot by J. Grant Brittain;

Well, he has at long last finally completed the 77th issue pf the aforementioned zine, which essentially is a bound edition, and can be found for purchase here;

I got my own copy, you betcha, and it’s an amazing collection of expertly presented letters, drawings, and other random scraps from Garry’s extensive archive. I think quantities are generally limited, so if this is a book that strikes your fancy, I whole-heartedly recommend you get after is and grab one for your collection.

In other news of developmentally arrested grownups committed to a life of joy, Cranpa formerly of FBM bikes, currently and forever from Rad Share very thoughtfully reached out with the second video part from the recent Rumble In Richmond, which read a little something like this;


Been a minute since I shared a video-

Here’s a link to the Rumble round 2 edit-
If you could share it would be a big help, the event weekend was a huge success and proved to be a big impact for young riders, fun for everyone, and showcased some really great riding!


– Steve Crandall/RADshare

Man, the vibe of those events make me feel so good. I’m proud of all that Cranpa’s helped create, and provided humanity lasts that long, this energy will last generations.

Now to wrap up today’s post with a little bit of business, I’d like to first note that I just took delivery of a mountain of WSRW Ts, as well as hoodies, buy them from me so I can get my living room back;

And if those don’t float your boat, I got news just yesterday that my homie Batty from The ABQ Bike Coop finally did all of the fine tuning necessary for a little collab we did together, and got boxes upon boxes of both Ts and hoodies into her shop;

If one or other, or both strike your fancy, those numbers are (or as of Tuesday morning, will be soon) available here, and as I have with this project, Amanda is donating a portion, If not the entirety of the proceeds generated to RAINN. Pretty tight, right?

If that’s not enough to turn your Simmons and Gwarfunkle upside down, then I don’t know what might.

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One Response to “Hello Tuesday, my old friend.”

  1. Ben July 26, 2022 at 4:43 pm #

    Thanks again Stevil for doing the lords work. GSD has always been one of my favs. & I still regret not keeping my GSD board. He was one of those skaters like Blender, Gonz , Lance who did their own shit and oozed creativity. Just ordered my copy.
    Keep rocking it and thanks for making my Tuesday.