I missed the boat.

In a sad turn of events, I recently learned an old friend of mine passed away, and flew away into other corners of the universe, and so as one does, I hauled ass to Long Beach meet up with friends and family for the last few days to celebrate his life, times, and to express to his young daughters just how important their dad was;

I came back super late last night, so obviously, finding time to write a brand new post wasn’t in the cards for me. I apologize for abandoning my post, but I’d wager yinzers understand.

Having said this, the very least I can do is provide you a brand new episode of Revolting;

I’ll have something a little more concise for your consumption next week, but in the meantime grab the hell out of the people you love, and tell them sincerely that you do, because it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get the chance to later on.

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  1. Ken September 17, 2022 at 5:28 am #

    I would like to hear about the derby move you invented .. that son of a bitch Robot distracted you before you got to that part .. always, with the distracting; I must go, saw something outside.