Joy comes in all flavors.

Happiness, happiness. The flavor is with you-with you alone, and you can make it as intoxicating as you please.

-Joseph Conrad

Hello, and good whatever week this is of whatever month this is, to you.

First things first, I would like to present this video featuring many of my compatriots, and my homie Jeff most predominately;

The home sickness is palpable.

Now then, in other news- While I myself am not a grasser per se, I do have a happy nostalgia for the following product;

Messengers, artists, and dirtbags of every shade were fond of the device though the ’90s, and as one who aligned myself with that particular ilk, spent years always in the device’s periphery.

Many of you might recall the venerable Proto Pipe through a similar lens, but even as a person who doesn’t partake, I was thrilled to see that they are back in production.

Stoner saints be praised.

In local news, winter has arrived, but I’m making the best of it;

It doesn’t look cold, but it is.

Also, I guess I should make note for no reason in particular that I haven’t been on a mountain bike in months. The drop bar configuration has proven to be consistently far more interesting to me this fall for a host of reasons, not the least of which being that it really is a perfect style bike.

I wish I’d gotten more tire clearance when I’d originally had this built, but I didn’t know I was gonna eventually end up in the land of shred.

Speaking of drop bar bikes, my dear friend Greg and his Donkelope Bikes imprint just celebrated twenty years together, and to recognize the occasion, he organized a rip for friends and strangers alike;

Sadly, due to a recent medical procedure in which I effectively removed myself from the gene pool, I refrained from putting duress on my bits, so instead Sally, Drew and I slummed it with one another, and the day looked more or less like so;

It was a real good day with bad people, and here’s to at least another 20 years.

In news from down in Texas way, it was all year that I’ve been anxiously awaiting news regarding the annual EZ-7 ditch jam. Thankfully we have Michael from Cockfight Skateboards in our realm, and he (sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally) keeps us abreast of everything relating to the event in question;

Because it rained on Thanksgiving, the chaos was postponed until the following day, which based on the following photos taken by Joe Makarski for Texas Is The Reason Magazine, didn’t seem to hamper the fun at all;

Personally, I’ve never been, but have been familiar with the place for decades, and for all of the reasons I could think of for avoiding Houston, getting to town and taking part in this negates them all.

Maybe one day I’ll actually get the chance.

In other news of stupid fun, Tim reached out (months ago, but I’m slow at stuff) about a fancy new upgrade he’d implemented on his little truck;


Last week I tested the hauling strength of my new hair tie bungee cords;

This is just good science. I mean, one could put their empties in their pockets, but then what are you gonna do if you find some cool rocks or something?

Tim is clearly a thinker.

Finally, I would like to direct your attention to the brand newest episode of Revolting;

Will it bring you joy? Will it bring you sorrow?

Hopefully more of the former than the latter, but mostly that it’s a flavor that appeals to you.

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    Did you low key tell us that you got a

    If so congrats!