Brand new year, same old you.

Before we get into anything, I’d like to extend my most sincere wishes for any and all people reading these words that you have the most spectacular year yet. I won’t jinx it by saying something along the lines of ‘it’s not like it can get any worse’, because as a realist, I know that it most certainly can. I just hope that it’ll inch back the dial to the better side of things.

I don’t know about y’all, but at the strike of midnight this year, I was absolutely sweating my busted ass off cleaning up after a bunch of drunks at my random job where I alternate between bar-backing and physically ejecting drunk children into the cold, dark night.

I bristle when I’m called the bouncer, but I guess that’s part of the job requirement, and only once have I choked back the urge to beat the absolute shit out of a patron, so I guess contrary to the adage, you actually can teach an old dog new tricks.

Oh, and by the by, Joey, (who I will reference again momentarily) recently presented me with this;

For those who can’t read autograph, this is Mark Price from Archers of Loaf, who as I mentioned in this week’s episode of Revolting (which I will also link momentarily) wrote the song that this very site is named after.

Weird, small world, huh?

Anyway, right quick, I’d like to throw this up;

I’m glad I finally found somewhere to put that.

In passing news of art that doesn’t suck, I’ll now present this piece by Otomo Katsuhiro;

I generally don’t care for ‘bike art’, but I’m pretty partial to Katsuhiro’s vision.

Hey, did any of y’all that SRAM’s reinvented the wheel again?;

A buddy of mine who works at a prominent bicycle company leaked that this was in the works to me months ago, and I almost brushed it off as a fever dream until now.

Do we need another standard? No, but I still think it’s pretty cool looking.

In the world of things getting catastrophically broken, I’d like to tell a fun story regarding my beloved tiny truck. So, the other day Joey, (yes, this Joey);

Joe, and I skedaddled off to the woods to do a little toy truck rip. Right out of the gate Joey opted to do a hill climb, which resulted in his rig taking a tumble and breaking his axle or a shock mount or something.

Then, just a short time later I was walking along a ridge trail, and got tangled up in a spiney vine which momentarily distracted me long enough to loose control of my truck, sending it careening off of a 30 foot cliff (in scale terms, it was a 300 foot cliff.) I thought I might be able to gas it out and salvage the crash, but upon climbing back down the hill saw that I bent a tie rod, and broke a linkage and trailing arm;

Sadly, I didn’t get any footage of it, but I did get a nice clip of the calm before the storm.

Sad face, but I have new hardware en route, so hopefully I’ll be up and running again soon.

Though to celebrate the final day of the year, Donkelope Bikes Greg and I got after it in a little shakedown ride to see the current king tide;

I somehow have knack to find the one route that’s so muddy it’s practically under water.

I hear tales of loamy hero dirt, and so on, but every time I go out I find nothing but soup.

Now, before I take my leave, and speaking of winter riding, I’d like to give you the brand newest episode of Revolting;

We might be old, but at least we have that.

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  1. Oliver January 3, 2023 at 7:58 am #

    Have a spectacular year as well!