Party of one.

Hello, I’m back again with not much of a post.

Get ready to be partially underwhelmed.

The other day while on a ride with Donkelope Greg, I made the observation that currently all I want to do is talk about remote control trucks and girls. While being good with the latter, he has no interest in the former.

I don’t quite understand where this fascination stems from. I mean, I do, but the depth of it is something that catches me off guard. I wake up thinking about how to solve various issues with my current project, and which doodads I’d like to order to improve performance or whatever. Maybe it’s a wintertime thing, but just even learning about the myriad of other folks who are light years more obsessed than myself is mesmerizing.

I mean, look at this nonsense;

If you’d like to got down a super deep rabbit hole, just take a journey around the Scale Builders Guild.

There’s so much amazing stuff there.

I like trucks like any little kid does, so that probably plays into it, but maybe I just appreciate the level of dedication that it takes to complete something so intricate? I don’t know exactly, but I sure think they’re cool. I believe I mentioned a number of months ago that I bought myself a Traxxas High Trail K10 and after shipping the body off to a custom painter, began going about customizing the interior;

I almost did an actual construction for a seatbelt but it was gonna take way too much energy, and once the body was on, you wouldn’t be able to see it anyway, so I just used a zip tie, and called it good (enough for government work);

Brass portal and diff covers? Sure, why not. I make about $100 a week, so I might as well;

Since I have no idea when the custom body will be finished, I opted to also get a beater body, which will allow me to lose no tears when I inevitably crash it.

It’s just dollhouse stuff for grownups.

Anyway- Moving on… The oft-mentioned enigma known as Amanda K Bryan (and guest of the 11th episode of Revolting) and her husbo Zack are taking their leave from us on this very day. Amanda has left her post at Kona Bicycles, and is about to embark on a brand new journey with Industry Nine, but before she left, a gaggle of us disappeared into the woods and burned some stuff;

It was real damn cold, and I had to keep in mind I still had to stay up until at least 3:00 the following morning for the little old supplemental jobby job, so my departure timing was perfect as a ramp was constructed in my wake;

As near as I know, there were no proper images shot, but I did sneak a screenshot of Jason going big from the lovely and talented Taylor’s IG feed;

I realize as a documentarian I’m kinda dropping the ball by using screenshots instead of sticking around and shooting real, actual photos, but as I said, I was looking down the barrel of a full shift of carryon g a thousand pounds of beer around, and alternating between throwing children out into the cold, dark night, and endlessly cleaning up after them.

I’m not old enough to be the adult, I swear.

But on behalf of probably anyone who’s had the pleasure of meeting g them, I wish Z and A a fruitful new adventure together, and all of the best luck ever.

Finally, as I do most all of the weeks over the last year, I’m very proud to present the 62nd, and newest episode of Revolting;

I’m real happy with this one, and I hope you are as well.

If not, you can always go outside and actually do something with your life.

I’ll be fine here continuing my party of one.

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2 Responses to “Party of one.”

  1. Chris January 31, 2023 at 9:01 am #

    I’m losing the energy to fight my curiosity about scale crawlers … I shall soon start my journey down the rabbit hole. My credit card is already quivering in my wallet.

    • Stevil January 31, 2023 at 9:07 am #

      Do it. There are lots of inexpensive, yet quality options available. Come down here and join the rest of us.