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Straight out of the gate I would like to raise the flag on a bit of contact I recently got from my old pal and patron saint to bike messengers, Squid from Cyclehawk regarding some very exciting news which he expounded upon thusly;

Aaaaay Stevil Thanks for the interest!

Lance has been building frames in Brooklyn for 15 years. I won a track frame from him in 2010. I broke it after a year of beating it on the streets. Since then we kept working together to build something that would survive the disrespectful abuse of a 200 plus pound bike messenger.

The last build we made has handled great and is stronger than any I have ever ridden. The wishbone seat stay is beefy and he has mountain bike chain stays on there as well.

Check the text below for more info:

Excited to let you know, I’m working on a run of bikes designed with Lance/Squarebuilt. We have a factory in China that is willing to do a minimum of 100 units;

This will include an aluminum frame, carbon fork, headset and seat clamp.

We have a two tone paint job planned with custom graphics by artist Keigo.

We are hoping to pre-sell the bikes to fund the production, shipping etc.

Our idea is to offer the package for $500 to pre-sale buyers and bike shops. Suggested retail would be $800 (negotiable).

First time taking on a project like this for me but Lance did something similar with The Grime bikes and he works closely with Tiger Factory in China for Hurley Bikes.

I’m including a pdf and text below for reference.

Let me know if this is something you are interested in and if you are willing to make a pre-order!

The major hurdle in front of me is raising the money for production, if we don’t pre-sell the units we won’t be able to place the minimum order of 100.

Current plan is to open pre-order sales March 1 and close pre-order sales March 28.

Any thoughts/advice/feedback appreciated!

Squid ?✨

That’s real exciting news, and if any more info comes in either in a trickle or a torrent, you can bet I’ll have it here.

In news of four-wheeled fun, Blockhead Dave has some thoughts for you;

I’ll be damned if I don’t miss sunny days with my friends in a parking lot.

This solitude is for the birds.

Also, the soundtrack is not by the Twirly Tops, but rather a band called 400 Blows.

Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.

Moving on to topics of friends helping friends- I feel compelled to use this platform to generate some help a tattoo artist in Portland named Kim Madison as she continues to heal in the wake one of the most horrifying situations I can imagine;

As I understand, she is one of the owners of Sally Wags Tattoo, and according to this article was attacked, and stabbed in her apartment, set it on fire, which then spread to eight neighboring units.

Because Kim makes her living as an artist, she’s obviously in a real bad predicament. It’s the best I can do to throw some dough her way, and spread the word in support.

I’m heartbroken for this person I’ve never met, but remain hopeful that we can at least do her a little bit of a solid here.

Now, having addressed that, I’d like to pivot, and show you an image of a hood decal a faithful, and dedicated reader just had made;

Apparently he made me one as well, though just after he got them, he left town, so I’ve yet to see it in person.

Whenever I get mine, you’ll know me by all the sweet jumps I’m gonna do.

Finally in closing, I would like to direct you to the newest episode of Revolting;

Listen to it as much as you want. Listen to it in bed, or while you make breakfast, or possibly best of all, while you’re conjuring something made to flush.

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    Thanks Homie!!! ?✨