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With this, AHTBM’s 2,205th post I bid you a good day.

And also, how about them apples? Have I typed a million words yet? If only there was a way to tell.

So many words, and so little said.

One thing of fairly high importance is the following dispatch from Amanda, and High Order, (previously depicted here);

Portland people, are you ready to party?!? High Order is stoked to produce the opening party “Dead On Arrival” for The One Moto Show for our good friends at Rogue. Come for the preview of the 21 Helmets art show, curated by Lincoln Design Co., and stay for the moto-centric jams of Canadian band Vicious Cycles MC.

Live screenprinting by us and, of course, beer/spirits by Rogue. It’s gonna be a helluva night. Don’t miss out!

For those of you not good with numbers, that’s the 27th of April, which is about a week and a half from right now. Is that correct? I had to count the mounts out on my fingers four times before I typed that, so I clearly can’t be trusted.

Speaking of which- the last couple of months have seen me kinda losing my mind about a thing I previously didn’t know existed. Of course anyone who spends any time around these parts is well familiar with Bobby Fingers, (the best thing on the internet, according to me) but there is a whole community of crafters, my favorite of which is a guy called Boylei Hobbytime.

His videos are wholesome, funny, and inspiring.

But I was positively chuffed, when I came across this one wherein he collaborated with a gaggle of his fellow nerds;

It’s things like this where I think the internet truly shines.

So hey- Not really related to being a nerd exactly, but have you seen this clip of Idles’ quasi-recent From The Basement performance?

They are the biggest punk/adjacent band in the world right now, and with every month that passes are just getting better.

Between the music scene there, and the incredible art scene, my desire to go to Bristol only burns brighter.

Only bummer being that it’s in the UK, which of course relates to Germany’s purveyors of all the good noise Trigger Cut, and their recent tour saga, all of which you can read about here.

I promptly reached out to the band via their Band Camp page, purchased their entire discography, and sent a note of love and encouragement.

If you like the cut of their jib, (AmRep/Touch And Go/Earache flavored soup), I urge you to do the same;

Now, ordinarily upon a post’s closure, I’ll let folks know that we have a new episode of Revolting to listen to. For this week, Robot and I tried to switch it up and include a remote interview/discussion with Ashley from Cosmic Dirt.

However it should come as no surprise to anyone that we fucked it up, and wound up with an un-usable file. This is called living and learning I believe. Who knew that Ashley needed to have a headset on, and not use her computer speakers? I sure didn’t. Anyway, we’re re-recording with her later this week, so for now you’ll just have to suffer through one more of the standard fare (where we actually learn about the aforementioned Trigger Cut), which seems to generally consist of the two of us making fart jokes and laughing at one another’s bad jokes;

Barring that, I’ll insist you check out the latest installment of my ongoing advice column over at C.I. called ‘Ask Stevil‘;

It’s likely that there’s something worthwhile there, because the adage goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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