Welcome aboard the S.S. Heidüd.

Are you ready to set sail on the highest seas?

Same, so let’s get after it.

Firstly, and most importantly, I’ve recently been presented with one of the nicest jewels my crown of bikes has ever known.

In exchange for a bunch of illustrations I did (which if you’re interested will be available in some form or fashion at the upcoming Made custom bike show), King Precision Components set me up with a set of my very own hubs, built up with some of them fancy King carbon hoops that everybody’s talking about;

Or, if you’d care to see what they look like in the morning grass;

Holy stromboli, these are amazing developments… While I was definitely angling for a paycheck because that’s how I like, you know, pay for food and stuff? -there was no way, or shape, or form that I would ever be able to afford anything like this on my own, so I went with the trade, and I’m not real sorry about it.

I will mention however that with these developments, I now find myself in possession of two practically brand new GRX wheelsets that I would very much like to sell for the low low price of $666;

I’ve posted them on Craigslist, but surprisingly, I’ve yet to find anyone serious about buying them;

I should try writing for a living.

I guess I might sell these if somebody wants to take their racing career to the next level.

Anyway, if you want them and are local, (or aren’t and don’t mind paying for shipping), call my people.

In news of ‘I’m running out of bags of dick for the USAC to eat‘, they socked a real dinger with their latest IG post regarding cycling super star Magnus White getting hit and killed by a car;

Did the driver who hit him actually write that caption?

They’ve since changed their wording, but being one who enjoys collecting the odd receipt, I’ll keep this one on hand to further stoke my rage against the mindless narrative that always goes hand in hand when a cyclist dies (in this case, I believe) at the hands of an inattentive driver.

My patience is running real thin these days folks. In this day and age, and from a cycling outlet, this sort of thing is inexcusable.

Then again, as pointed out in a text exchange with Namba from Squid Bicycles over the weekend, USAC is gross in all of the ways;

No word yet from USAC regarding the responsibility of the victims in the case.

Now then, as we do from each week, I would like to close out today’s post with the 88th episode of Revolting;

This week’s episode isn’t the shining example of accidental humor you’ve come to expect as we go pretty deep into a reasonably sad topic. We do our best, but our best is rarely good enough.

So, you’re welcome, and thank you, and now let’s prepare to set sail on the seas of sad.

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2 Responses to “Welcome aboard the S.S. Heidüd.”

  1. Philicious August 1, 2023 at 9:05 am #

    When cars were a new thing it was called a Motor Killing when someone was hit and killed by a car. Fine piece of propaganda on the part of the automotive industry to get that changed to car accident.

    Sheesh, I also have a problem with the fact that black and brown people get killed everyday riding their bikes to work but because they aren’t a sport phenom no real attention gets paid to them. Also part of the plan I suppose.

    Dont want this kid to be dead, but damn we really don’t have our eye on the real problem.

  2. Allison August 8, 2023 at 7:58 am #

    Hi Stevil, interested in your wheelies but also an art project. Email me plz.