A work of heart breaking something, and staggering whatever.

Jumping right into things, I have to let folks know that after a long wait, the Estrus Records book is out and the signing tour is finally underway.

For those who are unaware, Estrus was (as I’ve referred to it on occasion) something of a working person’s Sub Pop who not only specialized in all things garage rock, but single handedly built a lo-fi revolution with nothing but word of mouth and a passion for the genre.

Admittedly, I was only peripherally engaged with the label as I was more in tune with the stuff that the previously noted Seattle empire, Touch and Go, Man’s Ruin, Amphetamine Reptile, and the like were doing, but it was evident that it was a label run with a white hot passion for loud, and unapologetically sloppy rock and roll. Still, I was thrilled to not only see that a book chronicling the label’s history was due to be released, but that the world famous Cabin Tavern was going too host the first signing date on the tour;

As it clearly illustrates, we here in Canada’s Tijuana were treated to a stellar fall afternoon, and a cast of various luminaries;

-and a performance by the mighty Machine Animal, and while the rest of the world won’t be so lucky, if you’re in the Bay Area, Portland, Austin, or Chicago, do what you gotta to take part in those various location’s festivities.

Moving along- As you read these words, I *think* I’m on a train headed to Portland where I will be the judge of honor/emcee for someone sort of event or another that’s being hosted by High Order. I would elaborate more extensively, but neither Amanda or CD will return my texts regarding just why the fuck I’m going there, so if you’re in the PDX, all I can say is keep your ears to the ground, or call High Order’s HQ and maybe they’ll ignore you as well.

In an effort to be a good business person, I would now like to mention right quick that the order window on the Hessian Obsession 3/4 sleeve drive-around-in-a-van-and-rip-tubes shirt pre-order is still a go, but the clock is ticking;

*Black rectangle and beautiful complexion sold separately.

Lastly, as I am want to do, I’d like to present you with the very brand newest episode of Revolting.

Scratch that. As I was sitting on the train platform at 8:32 on Monday morning, I got word I’d inadvertently uploaded number 94 for this week, so in light of that, how about you revisit Last week’s;

I can’t guarantee much, but my ineptitude being both staggering and heartbreaking is a lock.

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  1. Robot October 9, 2023 at 8:48 am #

    Last week’s was a bargain at twice the price.